This Sore Throat Protocol is for babies, kids and adults. I will go over the options below for each one, and how much to take them. Both the COLD & FLU are typically respiratory viral infections. Viruses are sensitive to temperature and get carried on the air with coughing and sneezing. *So cleaning the air with smudging or diffusing oils will help stop the spread. Here are the differences between a cold and the flu: FLU: Will have a fever, muscle pain and aches. Lasts longer than a week and is caused by a single virus called Myxovirus influenzae. Your main thing to take is Elderberry syrup, tea or tincture in warm water. A COLD: will stay localized in the respiratory tract (sinuses, throat, lungs etc) and has a cough, sore throat, sinus congestion, sneezing, lots of mucus. Lasting from 4-5 days unless you suppress it and can be caused by lots of different viruses.

*Do you have a fever? If the answer is YES then go to the FLU protocol, and read about fever protocol.*

This protocol is for a cold and sore throat. If you have the cold in other areas the protocol is broken up as such:
  • To keep a cough from settling into your lungs and getting pneumonia or RSV read up on the Lung post for specifics.
  • If the sickness is in your sinuses or sinus infection: Read the Sinuses post for more specifics.
  • If your sore throat has gone beyond a sore throat, into strep, swelling, enlarged uvula read and make the remedy Throat and Tonsils.
  • For Earaches and Fevers there are other things to do as well.
When using holistic medicine remember these tips:
  1. It is better to spread out the medicine, you cannot just take them once a day, and expect to get better.
  2. Consistency is the key with holistic medicine, small amounts throughout the day.
  3. With natural medicine, you are able to build your immunity to the virus/bacteria. Your immune system is strengthened.
  4. After you think you are better, continue your protocol for three days.
  5. Remember antibiotics can do nothing for a viral infection.
  6. It is best to catch the sickness at the FIRST signs. A runny nose is usually the first sign for kids. For sore throats, start taking medicine right when you feel it in your throat when you swallow. This is better than playing catch up.
  7. Hit it hard and take something every hour, and you won’t get any worse.
  8. If you are worse the next day, you are not taking enough to stay ahead of it.
Protocol for Babies and Infants
I teach my kids to swallow pills pretty early and have given them pills as early as six months. When you teach them early, the gag reflex is easier to get over.  If you wait till five it is MUCH more difficult. Here are several things I keep on hand for babies, these are in liquid form if you do not want to give them pills:
  • Children’s Echinacea This builds the immune system and helps fight the sickness. Give baby one full squirt in the morning and one at night.
  • Natural Vitamin C This is a natural form and not synthetic. VERY good to fight infection and keep healthy. This chewable is easy to crush and baby can suck the powder off your finger. Give them this twice a day.
  • Elderberry Syrup Is very good for the immune system and will kill viral or bacterial illnesses. For babies UNDER one, use the molasses based formula so there is NO honey.
  • Omni Defense Nano Silver This is like a natural antibiotic. There is no taste, and you may use it topically or internally. Spray in baby’s mouth several times a day.
  • SunBreeze Oil This is not to get them better, but four years ago when my youngest was little, she had this cough all through the night. Some one told me this would stop the coughing. I was skeptical but I tried it, and put it on the bottom of her feet. She did not cough even once! It was a huge difference from the night before, and now I keep it on hand. If they are coughing all night they cannot sleep and it will take longer to get better. It is like Vicks, but non toxic, just rub on feet with socks on.
  • On Guard Oil Put this on bottom of feet and then put socks on. This can also be something you do to KEEP them from getting sick.
  • OnGuard also comes in a beadlet that is easy for baby to swallow. Simply put one in their mouth and squeeze their cheeks and then nurse or give them their bottle.
In my Mommy Hero Tutorial Class there is a free video and a downloadable protocol with a list of aliments of what to do. Just know that coughs are good and the body is trying to clean the lungs out. When sick, I rotate every hour and give baby one of these suggestions above.
Kids and Adults Sore Throat Protocol. You want to treat the throat directly:
Directly means you cannot just diffuse something or rub an oil on the feet. Give your immune system, “your armies” the supplies they need to fight. You need to take enough so it does not get worse and turn into something else.
  • Arise Ionic Silver This is like a natural antibiotic. There is no taste and you may use it topically or internally. It will get rid of a sore throat fast. Pour enough in mouth to gargle with and gargle for as long as you can- 2 minutes at least. Tell younger kids to make bubbles. You can swallow after you gargle. Do this once or twice a day.
  • OnGuard Oil, Cough drops or Softgels This oil contains cinnamon and no virus or bacteria has been known to be able to live in cinnamon. This means it will kill whatever you have going on. Drop a couple drops directly on your throat. If this is too hot for you, I promise you will get used to it. But you can also put some water in your mouth and then drop the drops and gargle and swallow. If you do not want to taste it at all, they have a softgel you can just swallow. Take the OnGuard natural cough drop during the day to keep the tickle away and kill the infection. My kids think these are candy. No synthetics or chemicals, it will kill the infection and sooth.
  • Vitamin C Give your immune system 1000 mg of Vitamin C every day. You cannot over dose. You know when your system has had enough if your stools get runny. The kids can have the chewable, for adults there is a capsule form. Save those chew ables for babies and kids. Do not get a Vitamin C made from ascorbate or ascorbic acid, this is derived from corn syrup. For more information you can see the post Natural Vitamin C.
  • Elderberry Syrup Is very good for the immune system and will kill viral or bacterial illnesses. For adults take more or make Elderberry tea. Kids need 1 tsp at least.
For a sore throat you really want to be getting something back there every hour. So I keep these two on hand and just squirt the throat every hour
  • Dr Shultz Throat and Tonsil This one coats the throat and kills the infection. With Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, Garlic Bulb, Habanero Pepper, Peppermint Leaf and Essential Oil, California Fig Concentrate.
  • Dr Christophers X-Ceptic I will not lie, this one burns a bit. But man, it will get rid of a sore throat. If you are not afraid of a bit of a burn, then take this every hour the first day and see how you feel. Your throat should be better the next day if you caught it early enough. My kids take this one and they are fine, but if you do not want a burn use the Dr Shultz one.
Doing these things will ensure that it does not turn into something more serious. Catching it early helps, so that it does not get that bad and they are better the next day or two. That is it, really, my kids are not sick any longer than that. Keeping up on Vitamin C and the silver when sickness is going around will help build your systems, so you do not catch anything as well. Preventative medicine, people!  Diffusing the OnGuard oil in your home will kill anything in the air so that it stops spreading to the rest of the family.

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