Wow. I would not wish a sinus infection on my worst enemy. Ok, I do not have any enemies…Nor if I did would I ever curse them. BUT what I am saying is that I had my first sinus infection three years ago and it was miserable.  Almost as bad as mastitis, which is worse than having the baby in my mind.

Now that I have one, I know what to do and hopefully you can catch this quicker then I did. Here is what I found out: Do not bend over! That pain is terrible. Ok, we cant avoid that but in all seriousness…

Sinus Infection Protocol as follows:
  1. First get off all dairy. Dairy will make your infection worse because it creates MORE mucus that is storing in your sinuses.
  2. Then get off refined sugar as this FEEDS the virus.
  3. Do not take Mucinex. I know it’s annoying to have our nose running and blowing it all the time. But it is better to GET IT OUT. Where do think it all goes when you take that stuff? It is all still there, just dried up. This might be what you want in a hurry, but that dried layer is still infection and each time you take Mucinex, that layer gets thicker and thicker. Ewwwww. Eventually you will have to go get surgery to get it all scrapped out.

Mucus is simply dead white blood cells (the guys on your side) and dead virus or bacteria. You want to get it all out and kill the virus, so these are MUSTS:

  • Peppermint oil Rubbing this on the painful side helped the pain and took the inflammation down. Also, the Breathe oil opens up the airways.
  • The Neti Pot Wow, I should have gotten one of these a LONG TIME AGO. It is basically a pot that you make a warm saline solution in and pour it up one side of the nose. What this does is flushes everything out the other side. All your sinuses are getting cleaned out. This is a must for a sinus infection. Do it morning and night, and that infection will be gone so quick. If you get sinus infections frequently, I would start doing the Neti pot everyday to keep from getting sick.

VERY IMPORTANT: when you have a sinus infection add a pinch of powdered Goldenseal herb. This gets up in the sinuses and kills everything. Do not skip this, it is the herb for sinuses. 

Next, lets address the tooth pain that comes along with a sinus infection…

This part bugged me more than it was painful. The headache and pain on my cheeks was worse. It feels like my teeth are filled with gel and it moved every time I moved, that bugged me. I used the clove essential oil to numb and kill the infection there. I also used Dr Shultz Tooth and Gum tincture. Tastes terrible but put that on your gums and it got rib of the infection.

Then add in these things in to help your immune system fight off the infection
  • Vitamin C  Give your immune system 1000 mg of Vitamin C every day. You cannot over dose. *You know when your system has had enough Vitamin C if your stools get runny. For kids and babies I do a chewable, and for adults there is a capsule form. Save those chewables for babies and kids! Do not get a Vitamin C made from ascorbate or ascorbic acid, this is derived from corn syrup. For more information you can see the post Natural Vitamin C.
  • Elderberry Syrup Is very good for the immune system and will kill viral or bacterial illnesses. For adults, take more or make Elderberry tea. Kids need 1 tsp a day, at least.
  • Breathe Oil This also has drops to clear sinus and lungs and also comes in an easy breathe stick to rub on lungs. Use as often as you need to open airways and get enough oxygen.
  • Arise Ionic Silver Put this into a nasal pump and spray this up your nose during that day, several times a day. This will kill the sinus infection during the day, and then do the Neti pot morning and night.  You can take 1 tsp a day internally as well.
  • Echinacea and Goldenseal Echinacea helps power the immune system and goldenseal is for the sinuses and fights mucus. Take 2 capsules 3 times a day.

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