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  • 20 Minute Personal Wellness Consultation


    Let’s raise your vibration and make life better! Taking your health and wellbeing into your hands and healing yourself. This 20 Minute Personal Wellness Consultation was designed to specifically address the number one concern in your life. We will explore a path together that will be personally tailored for your wellbeing, be it physical- mental- emotional or spiritual.

  • Personalized Biometrics Consultation


    This consultation includes all of the scans below. We will find out what is out of balance for you, and why. I then take the time to explain what comes up and go through what is a priority for you. You can of course opt out of one of the scans if you do not want it and focus on something specific. If you have a specific intention we will go that route for you.

    Re-scans are less, you can email me for a follow up.

    This is an hour appointment. It does not need to be in person but it does help. 

    *None of these are diagnostic tools, I am not a doctor. I am an educator on wellness and these scans can help me put together a personalized plan for you. 

  • Live Blood Analysis Consultation


    This consultation will only focus on your physical life and what your body needs. Every cell tells a story and we then can from where you are starting give you suggestions and ideas of small changes that will bring you the most benefit.

    From there you can get the supplements you need that day to get you started on your journey at a discounted price. We will go over any cleanses to start if necessary, what food to cut out, or what food to introduce. I will have you taste some samples while at your apt, so that I can discern which supplement route is best for you.

    *Best but not required to come to the Consultation fasting.

    *This is for the 1.5 hour Live Blood Analysis Appointment. 

  • Cholesterol Consultation


    Our Cholesterol numbers tell us where the levels of HDL (good fat) and LDL (bad fat) are on our body. These 2 kinds of fat need to play nice and be balanced in the body. High cholesterol is one of the easiest things to fix. Most people on medication for high cholesterol do not need to be on them. If you would like to know where your numbers are at you can simply do a cholesterol appointment.

    *This booking is for a 30 minute Cholesterol Appointment only. For the most accurate numbers it is best to come fasting but not required. 

  • Wellness Consultation with Leticia


    Are you wanting a personal wellness plan designed for you? If you would like to discuss what your health priorities are, have special blends and products made specially for you and your health needs, then I would love to give you one-on-one time.

    There are lots of options to tailor to your concerns. If you do not know which one to pick, then choose the General Wellness Consultation. There will be surveys and questionnaires to fill out and sent by email to get started.

    *This apt is for 1 hour on Zoom, FaceTime or in person.

    *Please book at least a week out so that you have time to fill out the questionnaire and I have time to review and prepare it.