Personalized Biometrics Consultation


This consultation includes all of the scans below. We will find out what is out of balance for you, and why. I then take the time to explain what comes up and go through what is a priority for you. You can of course opt out of one of the scans if you do not want it and focus on something specific. If you have a specific intention we will go that route for you.

Re-scans are less, you can email me for a follow up.

This is an hour appointment. It does not need to be in person but it does help. 

*None of these are diagnostic tools, I am not a doctor. I am an educator on wellness and these scans can help me put together a personalized plan for you. 

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Everything around us carries an energy, or vibrations. These vibrations are measured in frequency. All supplements, music, oils, food, clothes, words, and water just to name a few.  Everything you put in or on your body, every thought, affects you and those around you. You can say everything has an energy signature. Even each organs has its own signature. We then can take all of these vibrations together and can take an “overall frequency”. This is your song, your unique energy and song you put out into the world. Our body carries electricity. These electrical signatures relate and respond to your personal temperature, heartbeat, your current state of health, and even the workings of your unique mind. With this Personalized Biometrics Consultation, we will read your electrical signatures with 3 different scanners.

Have you ever used the In Body machines in the gyms? These machines give you a reading of your BMI, your fat, muscle, proteins and water of the body. They are doing this through biometrics. Companies like Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, all use this technology to get your measurements of heart rate, pulse etc.

These scanners I have use the same technology. They use a GSR technology to scan the subtle electric frequency of supplements and whatever they are programmed for and record your bodies response to those frequencies. I love being able to use these scanners to be able to give you supplements that YOUR body is saying it needs.

Benefits of a Personalized Biometrics Consultation

  • With a Personalized Biometrics Consultation you can see what your priorities are to work on. What would give you the most benefit to work on first.
  • This means you do not waste money on supplements you do not need. You get a personalized plan specifically for what you need.
  • These scanners give you insights into your emotional life, what you are working through and give you a solution to help you work thorough it quicker, and feel empowered.
  • We can check your spiritual health as well, and look at your aura and chakra levels, if you are into that.


Made out of Germany, this device can scan all levels of your health and tell me what is coming up for you and then we run treatments for you that came up. This one I can scan for 100s of different supplements and frequencies for your body. This gives me the feed back of what the root cause of the imbalance is. I can then give your body those frequencies it needs right there and for a couple days. We can then get the products and come up best for you to balance out.

iTOVI Scan

This scan combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor and temperature to identify changes. It will scan the body with bio technology and can tell me where your physical and emotional health is at. We can then do emotional clearings and therapy to shift through things keeping you stuck. Or if the needs is physical, I then can recommend supplements that are tailored for your body and your needs right now. This means you get quicker results. The iTOVi Scanner combines galvanic skin response (GSR) electrodes, a pressure sensor, temperature readings, and Bluetooth technology to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. Our bio-electricity, and the individualized information we can learn from it, is the foundation of the iTOVi Scanner.

FitTrack Scan– (in person scan)

This scan uses the same technology, and helps me know where your BMI is at, your hydration, metabolic age and your fat distribution. We will then talk about nutrition and foods, what you eat and what to switch out. Implementing fasting, exercise, cleanses or whatever your body comes up with and you need the most. This scan helps me see where is imbalance is physically in the body.

With all of these consultations my desire is for you to leave feeling empowered. You have all the power to change your health. We-you-me are not victims of our DNA. You have options and solutions.

None of these are diagnostic tools, I am not a doctor. I am an educator on health, nutrition and wellness. These scan can help me give you a personalized plan. 


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