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  • Power Grains Hot Cereal


    Power Grains Hot Cereal is an easy breakfast cereal packed with protein and it is easy to digest and absorb. It is made from three ancient grains and sweetened naturally with coconut palm sugar.

    This hot cereal mixture is a beautifully balanced blends of the ancient grains of Amaranth, Quinoa, Hulled Millet, Coconut Sugar and Himalayan Pink Salt.

  • Personalized Biometrics Consultation


    This consultation includes all of the scans below. We will find out what is out of balance for you, and why. I then take the time to explain what comes up and go through what is a priority for you. You can of course opt out of one of the scans if you do not want it and focus on something specific. If you have a specific intention we will go that route for you.

    Re-scans are less, you can email me for a follow up.

    This is an hour appointment. It does not need to be in person but it does help. 

    *None of these are diagnostic tools, I am not a doctor. I am an educator on wellness and these scans can help me put together a personalized plan for you.