Wellness Consultation with Leticia


Are you wanting a personal wellness plan designed for you? If you would like to discuss what your health priorities are, have special blends and products made specially for you and your health needs, then I would love to give you one-on-one time.

There are lots of options to tailor to your concerns. If you do not know which one to pick, then choose the General Wellness Consultation. There will be surveys and questionnaires to fill out and sent by email to get started.

*This apt is for 1 hour on Zoom, FaceTime or in person.

*Please book at least a week out so that you have time to fill out the questionnaire and I have time to review and prepare it. 

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Get a personal one on one wellness consultation with Leticia. Consultation options varying in depth and individual needs. General Consultations can be done over zoom, FaceTime or in person. In person visits are required for the following: Live Blood Analysis, Cholesterol Analysis, and Adrenal Response Analysis.

What kind of consultation best fits my needs?

$102 General Consultation– An in-depth 1 hour consultation. If you want to elevate your health and do not know where to start, I strongly suggest you begin here. We will evaluate your current state of health and identify the steps to raise your wellness to the next level. We will make a plan for you and leave you feeling empowered. If there is something I can not do for you, I will refer you to a group of professionals I work with.

*This Wellness Consultation with Leticia will entail filling out a questionnaire about eating habits, sleeping routines, bowel routines, what is your biggest struggle either physically, emotionally or spiritually.  I will give recommendations for first stage changes and give you options if needed to go further and what you might be interested in. We will go over nutrition and supplements and only suggest what is for your highest and best good, to bring about the most benefit.

I can then make custom blends for just you and your needs. These are optional, and are offered at discounted prices than retail prices in the Store.

Throughout this site, I have listed the following important focus areas that are an option to discuss for this consultation:

  • Emotional,
  • Spiritual,
  • Make-a-Switch,
  • Raise your Vibration,
  • Weight Plan,
  • or any Physical Health issues.
If you are looking for specific scan offered, check out the other consultations offered:

$105 Live Blood Analysis– this consists of one prick on your finger (its okay- I only need one drop) and looking under the microscope to see where your cells are at now. We can then see what your specific needs are right now. Then discuss and teach you what things you need to change and prioritize.

$30 Cholesterol– Usually done with the Live Blood Analysis, this consists of filling up a small tube from a prick on your finger. Then running it thorough the cholesterol machine and getting your fat and sugar numbers. This is good if you have had cholesterol or gallbladder issues.

$120 Personalized Biometrics Consultation-

HEALY Scan– Made out of Germany, this device can scan all levels of your health and tell me what is coming up for you and then we run treatments of you. We can then get the products and come up for you.

iTOVI Scan– This scans your body with bio technology and can tell me where your physical and emotional health is at. We can then do emotional clearings and therapy to shift through things keeping you stuck.

Fit Scan– This scan uses the same technology, and helps me know where your BMI is at, your hydration, metabolic age and your fat distribution. We will then talk about nutrition and foods, what you eat and what to switch out. Implementing fasting, exercise, cleanses or whatever your body comes up with and you need the most.


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