Sacred Geometry Glass Jar


The Sacred Geometry Glass Jar infuses your water with the memory of the symbols that are etched on it. Each bottle is unique and different, none is alike. The symbols are etched and thus will not wash or wear off, dishwasher safe. Empower your water with intention just for you.

SOLD in 16oz Glass with white lid

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The body is made up of 60% water, the fourth stage of water. Water becomes a very important aspect and contributor to our health when it plays such a big role. To learn the steps of returning your water to its purest and highest frequency possible, check out the post Raise the Frequency of your Water. The Sacred Geometry Glass Jar is added to the High Vibe Store as the last option to “program” or “add memory” with intention to your water. This empowered water is then integrated into your body of waters. In this you are adding consciousness into your water and empowering it and consequently you are as well.

This option for your water is based on the studies of Masaru Emoto, his book Hidden Messages in Water. A New York Times Bestseller book, it advances the idea that the molecular structure of water is changed by the presence of human consciousness or “labels” on the water and backed by extensive experiments. In the end, the water crystals all formed different based on the intention put in the water.

Each symbol carries different energies and messages

By the time your water has reached this stage, it has been cleaned, mineralized, structured and cleared of memory. You do not want leave it blank or open to whatever may come. You can intentionally put in what you are wanting to work on. For example: you might want to be working on the Solar Plexus chakra for various reasons, and so you can put the symbol for the Solar Plexus Chakra on your jar. Other options would be a symbol for abundance and flow, element symbols, the Cho Ku Rei symbol for boosting and concentrating light. You can also add words that you are wanting to work with.

The options are endless for what your intension is. These Sacred Geometry Glass Jars are intentional and each unique and individual. 16oz glass jar, the symbols are etched and thus will not wash or wear off, dishwasher safe.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 6.5 in


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