Smudging Spray Mists


Energize and clear a room or your aura with the mist, this is a great option to have with you if do not have actual smudging bundle on you, nor can you lite it, or do not want to smell like smoke.  This is a quick and easy solution when you are on the go or need something in an emergency. There are 3 scent options for you to choose. *Explanations below 

Use: Shake & Spray around body, aura and space to clear + protect the mind, body, emotions and personal space.

2floz spray bottles

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Smudging is an art of clearing away negative energy, and to invite in the intention of peace and harmony for individuals or spaces. It is like a spiritual bath for your body and/or the space. For centuries, Native American and Indigenous cultures have practiced smudging rituals. When you do smudging, the herb is burned the the smoke is directed around the body and space with a feather or your hand. The room is left with a smoke scent and some smell very good. I needed this for my sensitive kids, and something they could use daily…but do I want them to use fire?! No. Not really. So I came up with a form of smudging in a spray for them. The White Sage Smudging Spray is used for exactly this, and without the smoke smell.

White Sage helps to take any spiritual knowledge that we carry in our minds, and brings it down into the heart where it grows into understanding, and eventually blossoms into wisdom. – Sajah Popham 


The White Sage Smudging Spray has a crisp, clean scent and is made with tourmaline infused White Sage hydrosol. Organic pure White Sage essential oil is then added. Then White Sage Flower Essence that is made with a great grandfather White Sage plant in Australia. And to top it off, a White Sage spagyric essence is added that is made with the alignment of the s t a r s for White Sage.

White Sage Medicine is a wisdom remedy:

White Sage is for purification and protection. Purification is when you are willing to let go and release the lower vibration emotions making you feel sluggish. It helps to purify you when you are being weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings. It is protective to the mind and thoughts, clearing negative psychic energy. Use when you are feeling heavy from processing a lot of strong emotions and have done energy work. Can also be used to purify a room, car or hotels.

There are many herbs that are used for smudging, and each brings its own energy into the space. I have a special place in my heart for White Sage, as the name of my product line- White Sage Organics, I love the lesson White Sage brings with it. White sage is a special plant that human race has had a deep spiritual connection with for a long time.

Sage offers clarity, vision, strength and wisdom; it is known as a medicine for Women. –Gaia

Sage is used traditionally in Native North American, First Nations and Indigenous cultures to represent the life force and maternal lineage of women.

Sweetgrass medicine is kindness

Another option for your consideration is the Enlighten Mist. In a base of Sweet Grass hydrosol, and added White Sage, Palo Santo, Juniper berry, Sandalwood, and Cedar wood pure liquid copals for their clearing and uplifting qualities. A spray blended of all the heavy hitters. A Lapis Lazuli Gem Stone- also known as the stone of wisdom and enlightenment- it harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit, and supports with psychic and mental protection, the inner vision and self awareness. The top note to this spray is the nano 500ppm gold drops for DNA and their vibration.

Rose medicine is love

Rose Mist is a beautiful spray for the heart chakra and especially perfect for those of the Cancer zodiac sign. This spray pays special attention to the health of the spiritual heart by clearing, opening and protecting the heart and its emotions. Rose essential oil being the highest frequency oil this mist is very high in frequency. This mist has a base of Rose Hydrosol, Rose Essential Oil which adds a beautiful fresh scent, Wild Rose Essence for the emotional medicine, Rose Spagyric that contains the spiritual, emotional and physical talents of the Rose and its thorns for protection,
a Rose Quartz Stone (of course) the stone of emotional healing, stress reduction, aids in forgiveness, encourages self-healing and self love. The top note to this spray is the nano 500ppm gold drops for DNA and their vibration.

Common herbs that are also used for smudging and their medicine

Palo Santo means “Holy Wood” in Spanish. The scent is wonderful and grounding. It brings clarity and is used to raise the vibration of a person/space.

Cedar. Cedar is burned for purification and to heighten the connection to the spiritual realm. It brings positive energy, uplift feelings and emotions. It purifies and returns one to balance.

Tobacco does not need to be smoked! It is considered a sacred medicine plant to all North American Indigenous Cultures, and is used as an offering of gratitude. Its medicine is used like a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm. It can be offered and put next to plants, on Mother Earth in gratitude of the abundance they give.

Sweetgrass, known as the hair of Mother Earth, symbolizes kindness. It shows this example when it is walked upon, as it only bends and never breaks. Showing an example of grace, always holding forgiveness in our hearts for those who trample on us. As the smoke from smudging rises, it is believed that our prayers will also rise up to Spirit, to be seen, heard, and to be remembered.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3.5 in

Enlighten Mist, Rose Mist, White Sage


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