Be Heard Chakra Latte


Be Heard Chakra Latte

This is a 4 oz airtight glass bottle and contains about 12 servings

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Be Heard Chakra Latte super food powder is not only beautiful in color, it is made with herbs for calming and restoring the nervous system. The herbs of Ashwagandha and Shatavari balance the male and female energies inside of each of us- the yin and yang. It is calming to the nervous system, then rebuilds and heals with Organic Oat straw. The Be Heard Chakra Latte also improves skin, eyesight, good for hair growth, contains antioxidants, and contributes to the good fats or HDL in the body.

Calming the defense physiology in the muscles and nervous system is key. It helps to regulate cortisol and help the body manage stress. Reteaching our bodies a new normal of how to be inside. With added Kava Kava, it is great for in the morning to keep you calm during the day or to unwind you at night before bed.

Ingredients: All Organic ingredients of Blue Butterfly Pea Power, MCT Powder, Coconut Cream Powder, Full Spectrum Ashwagandha Root Extract, Shatavari, Oat Straw, Kava Kava and Celtic Sea Salt.

Directions: Mix 1-2 tsp in 6oz of non dairy warm milk. Add your preference of sweetener. Enjoy warm or pour over ice.

The Throat Chakra

Be Heard Chakra Latte is formulated for the Throat Chakra. Building on the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and the Heart Chakra, the 5th chakra, is also called Vissudha, which means purification. It is about pure communication, which connects all of life. Not just speaking with words, but sound itself. The purpose is to be able to communicate with the voice and the heart, to connect and unify us with the collective. Putting into form the language of the heart coming from pure intentions. It is purifying the intentions of the heart of where our voice should speak from.

Another way of communication is through symbols, which are the universal language. Symbols have been used since the beginning to imbed vast amounts of information and mediate between abstract ideas. As we learn to understand the various relationships of symbols and energetics, we become more attuned to the throat center.

The element for the throat is Ether, and blue is its power color, the throat chakras purpose is touch the hearts and minds of others. Sound being of utmost importance and language of the Ethers, it is a way to directly purify matter. Seed sounds, tones, music can physiologically change us on a cellular and DNA level. Sound, providing healing that cannot be reached through pharmacological means alone. Clairaudience being the gift of the throat chakra, is the ability to receive a non-linear form of information through hearing. Clairaudience requires an inner hollow stillness and silence in order to connect to the music and language of the Heavens and Earth, then translate it and bring it into this dimension.

How can you tell if the Throat Chakra is out of balance?

If the Throat Chakra is UNDER ACTIVE you might have suppressed feelings, fear of expression/offending others, shyness, withholding your opinions, weak voice and can not speak up for yourself. Experiencing hypothyroid symptoms.

When the Throat Chakra is OVER ACTIVE there will be excessive and rapid talking, dominating in conversations and the room, stuttering, gossiping, loud or dominating voice, unable to listen, interrupting people. Can tend toward hyperthyroid.

Physical aliments might come up such as problems with nasal, chronic sinus infections, teeth and gums, jaw pain, metabolism, TMJ, disorders with throat, tonsils, ears, voice, energy levels and thyroid imbalances.

What you are looking for is a balance and harmony in the chakra. Good at giving and taking in conversation, having an awareness of how much you talk vs listen. You communicate easily, speak with confidence, with a good sense of timing/rhythm- when to say things and then to hold back. You are comfortable with body language and hearing the subtle realm of speech. When the throat chakra is balanced you are able to communicate from the heart, infused with the truth that rests in your soul, in a kind way. This is a purified language born out of nature, as opposed to a language that is imposed and dominating upon nature.

Weight 6 oz
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