Be Connected Herbal Latte


Be Connected Herbal Latte

This is a 4 oz airtight glass bottle and contains about 12 servings.

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This Be Connected Herbal Latte is formulated for the Heart Chakra. Did you know- the heart is the largest generator and receiver of electromagnetic fields within the human body, extending up to 10 feet beyond the body?! This is more than the brain. Building on the Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, and the Solar Plexus, the Heart Chakra is the great connector from the lower and upper chakras.

The element for the heart is Air, and green in color, the heart chakras purpose is Love-Joy-Unity and Inner Peace. It is about our relationships and how we connect and unify with the world around us. Searching and coming into harmony within our environment and integrating it. The other side of the coin to Love is Understanding. These 2 energies need to be in harmony in our life, to have the healthy kind of love we are searching for.

We all carry a wound in our heart, and each have been given a wound to heal in our lives. Usually this wound is based  around the complexities and attachments that we have created around love. These perceptions of love oftentimes were created through the entanglements in our younger years.

When we do not address and heal our childhood traumas, our adult relationships will.

The health of this chakra is largely based upon having a healthy relationship with our environment and people around us. It is about seeing yourself as the whole, connected to all life, a perception of Unity and not separateness.

In the heart, we move out of our own personal reality and see a greater pattern within existence, from the individual into the greater wholeness of the collective. In the heart chakra, we are infinitely connected not only to those in our immediate environment, but to all of life.” -Sajah Popham

Located in the center of the chest, the Be Connected Herbal Latte is loaded in herbs for digestion and detoxing. The vibrant green colors of these herbs are so mesmerizing and awe inspiring. To know mother earth and her plants can be so vibrant and beautiful, and help balance our Heart Chakra is amazing. Be Connected Herbal Latte is naturally sweet and creamy, with a hint of crisp mint and salt. Great for the digestion and building blocks of the body, while being gently detoxing.

Benefits of the Be Connected Herbal Latte

-Detox Heavy Metals
-Nourishing with Minerals
-Mulit Vitamin
-X Bloating
-Lower Blood Sugar
-Hair Support

Ingredients: All Organic ingredients of Chlorella, Moringa, Licorice, Oat Milk, Peppermint, Hawaiian Spirulina, Barley Grass, Horsetail, and Celtic Sea Salt.

Directions: Mix 1-2 tsp in 6oz of non dairy warm milk. Add your preference of sweetener. Enjoy warm or pour over ice.

How can you tell if the Heart Chakra is out of balance?

If the Heart Chakra is UNDER ACTIVE you might manifest things like being shy, having a fear of getting hurt, and fear of relationships. There will be a sadness, heavy heartedness, being “hard-hearted,” cold, and closed off from others. Maybe feelings come up of loneliness or being unloved, suspicious of people and intentions, being anti-social, possessive and judgmental. People often times have the inability to process their pain around love and relationships. Thus, you might see patterns of escapism.

When the Heart Chakra is OVER ACTIVE (yes, this can be an unhealthy thing)… you are overly empathetic, not knowing where you end and another begins. Overly concerned, having poor boundaries and always overly sacrificing. Being in this energy is like a misuse of the “concept” of love for personal gain or reward. What is the intention or thoughts behind what you are doing? There might be a feeling of needing “love” from others and the high it produces. Oftentimes needing constant reassurance from others that they are loved, or are receiving the others love.

Can deal with things like codependency, clinging and staying in abusive relationships and maybe jealousy. You can not do anything for yourself because you have the program that is is “selfish”. In this reality of the heart chakra being in excess, the person is overly focused on the outer reality and not enough focused on the self.

Empathy without boundaries is self-destruction”-Silvy Khoucasian

Physical aliments

You might experience disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts, and arms. Maybe shortness of breath, asthma, circulation problems, and immune system deficiency.

What you are looking for is a balance and harmony in the chakra. Being compassionate, understanding, having a healthy love of self AND others, in this way you have give and receive love fully in your relationships. You are empathetic but have good boundaries. With a sense of inner peace and stillness and a strong immune system. Because the goal of the immune system is to keep us in-unity with our environment. This is what the Heart Charka is about.

Weight 6 oz
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