Flax linen is one of the most healthy fabrics. It is also known as a symbol of purity and luxury.

Flax linen has the highest vibration for fabrics and is considered to be a “live cloth”.

Flax Linen is made from natural fibre of floral origin.

It is one of the most ancient fabrics. In many cultures flaxen products appeared approximately 5 thousand years ago.

Flax linen also has many natural benefits and healing qualities:

  • It is very strong and may last up to 300 washings. Linen is very tough and it will only get softer and softer with every wash.
  • It is natural, anti-microbial, resistant to fungi and bacteria.
  • Helps with skin break out problems and irritations, allergies or even eczema.
  • This absolutely ecologically clean cloth is a natural antiseptic.
  • Linen contains silicon dioxide that suppresses development of bacteria.
  • In many spas “linen wrapping” is a very popular procedure that not only regenerates the skin but has also a remedial effect.

If you are tired or feeling unwell wrap up into a linen sheet and you will immediately feel relief and full of energy again.

Fax Linen is also the healthiest choice of textile for your bedroom and bathroom.

In cool weather linen retains body heat and keeps you warm and cozy, while during the hot summer nights it will absorb moisture and excess heat.

It will always feels dry, fresh and cool against your skin and will not grow bacteria!

It is not recommended to iron linen in order to keep its healing qualities.

Buying a product made of linen you may be sure that it would not only serve you for a very long time by preserving its beautiful look, but it will raise your vibration and bring healing to your body.

It will last you an eternity……Here are some that I have researched and got.


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