Cholesterol is a huge problem that is actually easy to fix. This cholesterol protocol will help you break down the bad fat building up in your body. Then flush it out and replace it with a good fat.

Yes fats are good for you and they are necessary for body to function, especially for the brain development in littles ones. Their brains are not fully developed until they are 6. Giving them good fats in these early years is critical.

There are 2 kinds of fats

For adults it is important to have good fats so we do not develop fibromyalgia later in life. As well as heart disease, fatty liver, Chron’s disease, cystic fibrosis etc. What you need to know is basically that there are 2 types of fat- good fat and bad fat. The “bad” fat is known as LDL (low density lipoproteins) and the “good” fat is known as HDL (high density lipoprotein).

These 2 kinds of fats have to keep each other in BALNCE

Most people are on cholesterol medication when they do not need to be. This is because practitioners are looking at the overall total cholesterol number. But if you have a lot of good fats this number will be high and it is NOT the good fats causing the cholesterol problems.


What you want to look for is your ratio number – this tells you if your good and bad fats are balancing each other. Your ratio should be between 0-2.4. If it is higher than that then look at your HDL number.

Your HDL should be above 60 mg/dL. If is not it is those people who do not have enough HDL that are at most risk for the problems listed above. If your HDL is too low and your LDL is too high, over 159 mg/dL then this protocol is for you. Your ratio number will be above the 2.4 if this is the case as well.

To avoid being on medications the rest of your life that do not fix the problem, this protocol will fix the root cause of it. This way, you will not have a problem with cholesterol the rest of your life if you change your lifestyle.

This is what you need to do for your Cholesterol Protocol
  1. Take a fat/sugar enzyme IN BETWEEN meals to break down the bad fat storing in your arteries/blood/organs.
  2. Do a liver cleanse to flush out this “bad” fat being broken down by the enzymes. You can download/print a protocol and watch a video here- Liver Cleanse.
  3. Then increase your HDL (good fat) so that they can fight the bad fat in your body. You can take an omega supplement or eat more good fats- here are some choices:
  • Take raw, organic coconut oil (here is the one I use) 1 Tbsp for every 50 lbs
  • First cold pressed olive oil-unrefined
  • Eat avocados, young white coconuts, soaked raw nuts, raw almond butter
  • Hemp seed oil-unrefined
  • Flax seed oil-unrefined
  • Pumpkin seed oil-unrefined

Fats in their raw and natural state contain the enzymes that will digest the fat if the food has not been processed. This way with the enzymes break it down so that the fat is absorbed. Otherwise, the undigested fats pass into the small intestine and stay in the blood steam causing build up.

Other tips and ideas to integrate
  • Throw out the canola out of your house right now. For cooking use coconut oil or olive oil, see the post Make a Switch-Canola Oil for more information.
  • Cut out fried foods and change your eating.
  • You can also make these coconut oil lemon or chocolate treats to keep in your freezer to eat coconut oil everyday.
  • You can make this raw granola with coconut oil to get in good fat.
  • Take a good fish oil- I use the supplement below that is available in vegan or regular. This omega supplement goes through rigorous testing to make sure there are no heavy metals/mercury in them and they source from pure clean water.
  • There is also available a kids liquid, flavored omega because most are low in HLD from childhood.
  • If you have had your gallbladder removed you will need to take enzymes when you eat any fat.
  • If you have a hard time digesting fats your gallbladder probably needs help. Since this is the job of the gallbladder- to digest and break down fats- check out this Gallbladder Cleanse so you can avoid getting it removed.
  • You can also try making this juice recipe- Juice to prevent heart disease.


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