White flour is not the only option you have. I wanted to go into more detail on what you can use and how to use some other grains. This is a huge part in creating a healthier high vibration lifestyle because of how much damage the white flours do to your system.

I want to help this be DO ABLE for you and your family.

This might need to be a gradual process for you to start cutting out white flour. Especially if your family is used to it you have to get them all on board and slowly switch them or you are going to make a lot of people very unhappy, LOL.

But it is possible I will tell you because I have done it. It might take a while but this lifestyle….. is a journey. You do not have to do everything now. My mother did not raise us on much with white flour and made this switch when I was young so I never brought it into my own home but when you marry someone from a different lifestyle you have to mesh.

If your kids and family are used to white bread for sandwiches and toast here are some gradual steps you can start taking so it wont be so hard:
  • Start buying a whole grain or mixed blend of bread. Like a light wheat, when they are used to this you can go a whole wheat. A brand I like is Great Harvest, they have a non GMO seed and make lots of options if you do not want to make your own. Or there are so many companies making good bread out of whole grains. Do the step you need to until they do not complain anymore and then take it up a notch.
  • Start using less bread overall. Even though we eat a whole wheat bread when we do eat bread, it is best to start eating less. Find a balance, if we have a fresh toast for breakfast,then I do not make them a sandwich with bread for lunch and then pasta, rolls whatever for dinner.
  • Instead of using the bread, I given them some lunch meat and a slice of cheese with fruit for lunch, or with peanut butter balls in stead of the meat. Get the idea? Balance… watch how often you are eating it and spread it out.

This will help their systems so they do not have to deal with gluten intolerance later in life.

  • Eating out start asking for wheat bread instead of white when ordering.
  • Switch to a brown rice and do that every so often so they start getting used to it.
  • Implement quinoa and amaranth, millet grains (make in the morning as a hot cereal and add honey, blueberries and milk)
  • If you do use wheat and are used to that, start making your own flours and breads.
  • Then start using kamut and other grains with no gluten to make things.
I invested in a good grinder and it has been amazing.

I am able to do so many more things at home and it save some money not having to go out and buy everything. Because the “wheat” flour (If you are buying that at the grocery store) is not a whole grain wheat flour, it is actually a white flour mixed with other grains and is the same as white flour in your system. Great.

Get a grinder that will make you flour from lots of different grains, not just wheat. This way you can make all your down gluten free flours. You can also buy all these other flours like rice flour, almond, coconut, spelt at a local health food store if you are not ready to invest in a grinder yet.

Adding in these other grains is so much better on your body. Quinoa has a lot of protein in it that is easy for your body to digest, a lot of recipes that call for rice can be switch for quinoa. Get your family used to these and your health will improve.


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