In the post entitled the Body’s Overall Frequency I talk about how everything has a frequency and how the data has been measured by scientific machines to show us what the world around us is vibrating at. It is fascinating stuff.

If you are on this journey to crate and live a High Vibration Lifestyle and want to raise your frequency, the 3 steps I have created is the easiest way to get started.

The food you eat and your lifestyle are the hardest and longest to do. It takes time to change habits and switch things out that you are used to eating and using.

Slowly but surely you can create a High Vibe Life. The music and essential oils are things that take effect immediately, and that is why they are step 2 and 3.

Step 1 is about switching out the things that are making your life toxic and lowering your frequency. For what you have already put into your life since birth, those things can be removed by cleansing.

See the Classes & Tutorials page for more information.

Some things were just passed to you through your DNA.

But that is not set in stone you can change your DNA through detoxing, using supplements and things which are of light to change your DNA.

In this diagram everything has been measured and put into the correct categories so that it can plainly show you what things you might want to start adding to raise your frequency, and also what you might want to cut out or do less of. This also goes hand in hand with making your body alkaline.

As you can see, Essential oils are very high on the high frequency chart.

This is because they are liquid light, the life blood of plants and very concentrated. To learn more about what they are see Step 3- Use an Oil.

Like everything, some oils have high frequencies and some lower frequencies. As well some might ALL have a low frequency-even rose- because they have been “laced” or “cut” with alternatives and synthetics to make them cheaper.

Do not waste your money on these kinds of oils because they will not bring the benefits that I teach on this site.

You do not want any chemicals added to the oils you buy. There are ways to check your oils and see if they have added chemicals.

The Essential Oils I have tested and the company that publishes their testing so that you know what you are getting is DoTERRA. If you would like to know more about how to see the test results of each batch and how to get them at a cheaper price check out the post DoTerra Essential Oils.

Here is a chart of the frequency of the highest oils so that you know which one you want to use.

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