Your body can go from being acidic and alkaline, depending upon your frequency. This up and down change in frequency can happen from moment to moment. The below post is to help you understand your body’s frequency and why you should even care.

To find how to manage and raise your frequency, see the post on Raising the Body’s Frequency.

Let me explain how and why your body and everything has a frequency.

Everything in this physical world was created through energy before it took its physical form. Plants, the earth, nature, water and then we make our food houses, clothes and everything we have form its natural form. Each thing created carries its own frequency. Generally the more natural form and true to its original state the higher the frequency.

Let me give you an example
  1. An apple, fresh and organic it in its natural form has the highest frequency.
  2. A fresh, but GMO apple (genetically modified organism) the DNA structure of the seed has been changed and thus the frequency will be lower.
  3. If you cut that apple and dry it, it lowers the frequency further.
  4. You make that apple and make it into apple sauce or juice the frequency is lowered even more.
  5. If you add refined white sugar and make processed apple juice the frequency falls again.
  6. And finally, if you open that apple from a pie filling aluminum can with added sugar and chemicals the frequency falls to zero.

This happens with everything. The hamburger, flour, tomatoes, pizza, water, meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, music, paper everything in your life.

As science has verified, everything is made up of energy, you were created out of energy. You just like this world and made spiritually before you were created physically. Therefore, you carry a frequency as well.

The amazing thing, is that each individual carries their own unique frequencies, but not just one frequency. Each organ, each cell, muscle, thoughts and emotions all carry separate frequencies. However, everyone has an overall frequency. What is yours?

Every person is different in his/her frequencies because each of our lives are so different.

Our bodies are effected by everything we bring into our environment. Since everything has a frequency it matters what you are allowing and bringing into your life. If you are always bringing in things that carry a low frequency it will lower your bodies frequency. If your choices bring in a high vibration then you will raise your body’s frequency.

The Science

They have machines that are able to detect and show the frequency that something is resonating at. A number of other researchers over the years uncovered evidence of this energy within living things. They have sought to develop means and ways of using it.

  • In the 1920’s Royal Raymond Rife, MD discovered that by using certain frequencies he could destroy viruses and bacterium.
  • Nikola Tesla argued that if one could remove certain outside frequencies that interfered with our own body’s frequencies you would have greater resistance to disease.
  • The Swedish radiologist, Bjorn Nordenstrom discovered in the 1980s that if one placed an electrode inside a tumor and ran a Direct Current through it, the tumor would be dissolved.
  • Robert O Becker, MD documented the electrical frequency of the human body in the book, The Body Electric.

Through much work, research and testing, it was discovered that the average healthy human body generally has a frequency around 62-68 MHz. The healthy human brain is around 71-90MHz, and the heart even higher. The research is shown in the diagram in the post How to Raise the Bodies Frequency.

Why This Matters

Frequency matters because if you are a persons’ level of vibration affects the well-being of a persons’ body, mind and spirit. If you choose to bring in things of a low vibration into your body and mind, then you will function in a low frequency. This then makes you susceptible to physical health problems of a low frequency.

Things like cancer, candida, flu, sickness, diseases, parasites and all of these problems we are dealing with!

If you choose to instead to make choices that bring things into your life that have a high frequency, you will raise your vibration and all those diseases that are of a low frequency cannot affect you. You fight an a offense game vs a defense game.

Your life becomes easier because you are healthier, your family is healthier, things get done quicker, you are able to get more done by doing less, and your DNA is able to heal and be changed.

We are all affected by the frequencies we bring in our lives.

This diagram sums it all up…

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