The darkest night of the year December 21, is also the winter solstice marking the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun. It is a day that has been celebrated since prehistory. The gradual waning of daylight hours is reversed and begins to grow, until the cycle begins again. I have been thinking of darkness lately and how we have attached and bled it together-however you define- the word “evil”. But Darkness is not evil, and there is a difference.

Darkness itself is not bad or evil. Darkness is stillness, peace, the silence between words and sounds. The void.
Darkness is as much of part of creation as light.

With out the darkness how could the stars shine bright?

How could the fullness of the moon be seen? Her glory is only manifested in darkness. Out of darkness comes creation. The void. A place where anything is possible, anything can be born. Endlessness of possibilities. Just like the night sky with the glittering stars, brings a sense of wonder and expanse. A smallness, yet grandness. There is a peace it brings, rest and rejuvenation before the next phase of creation begins.

I used to hate the void. I thought I was being punished, not being talked to, guided, that I had done something wrong and left alone. Over the years I have come to make friends with her and darkness. I have come to understand that both are a necessary part of life and the cycles we experience. The void and darkness both exist just like the light, neither are bad or evil, nor a punishment. Both are greatly needed.

The void happens to all of us and marks the end of a season. A phase of rest and stillness- (which has always been hard for me to learn), but where great power lies. When you raise your vibration and shift to a different vibrational plane- it is like changing a radio station. While the body is adjusting to this new plane there might be a void period while everything settles.

Sit in the Silence-Darkness-Stillness until you start to hear the new music on a new station.

The great challenge in today’s world is to bring clarity to the cosmic issue of good vs evil. Mass consciousness on this earth mostly operates out of the left side of the brain, and favors the light above all else. They want the light without having to embrace the dark. The feminine principle of darkness coming through the right side of the brain, has been set against the light.

What we have not grasped is that to attain enlightenment, we need to understand that the light has never been outside us, but resides deep within matter itself. It is a little known paradoxical law that the densest regions conceal the highest vibrations, and that true ascension moves downwards and inwards. We gain the next transmutation through traveling the darkest aspects of our psyche, and transforming our shadows.

That the light is only to be found within the darkness, is the greatest of mysteries.

This is about your relationship with the moon and stars within you. All that comes out and shines in the darkness. I once was told that the highest form of discernment was being able to see the light in anyone. I think of it as discerning this light that only shines in their darkness, their moon and stars. That is what you are looking for.

“To be free you can’t push anything in the universe away. Free includes the highs and the lows. You can’t get stuck in the… “this is all god except that” mentality.

“He who knows not that the prince of darkness is but the other face of the king of light, knows not me. Says god” Manly P Hall

Incorporate the darkness into your light.”- Excerpt from Ram Dass

All is exactly as it should be, in you and and everyone else. The embodiment of this truth leads to ultimate peace. The cosmos is a kind of symphony of vibrations. Many ancient cultures believe our unique role was to play our particular note as perfectly as possible, to make the creation complete. This translates as: BE WHO YOU ARE.

Accept the dark and light within you, do not try and hide the shadow parts of yourself in secret for that feeds and gives them power. That is… what you might call evil. Do not set Darkness against the light, for Darkness is not the evil you are seeking. Living authentically and having acceptance for others can bring a peace and freedom within you that can not be described in words, it must be experienced. And once you do, you do not want to go back. Then comes the healer in you, who continually reflects their own light but at the same time guides others into their own darkness and makes it out the other side.

The future will be a transformation in the human spirit itself.

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