Dreams are so fascinating to me. I have always loved dreaming and having an active sleep, because the next morning I get to try and figure out what was going on. Since I was little I have always dreamed, it is just part of each night and totally normal. Not all my dreams mean something. Sometimes it just an odd dream of random things, this is my subconscious releasing emotions and things I have experienced. Dreams are very healing and a way for our mind and body to process this reality called life. Some dreams are messages and have hidden things to find, others are what I call real dreams. When I wake sometimes it is like I have just lived what happened. Other dreams are more like visions and are more literal.

My goal in this post is to share with you some tools I have found and tips I have learned to figure out which dreams are which. And maybe to find the hidden messages in your dream that the higher realm is trying to communicate to you. Lets talk about those “bad dreams”, here was an interesting take on what bad dreams mean from Anthony Williams:

Bad dreams or nightmares

“Once you understand what’s behind those bad dreams, you won’t want them to go anywhere. “Bad” dreams are the soul’s way of healing. When we’re awake, we’re not supposed to be breaking down the walls of our emotional hurt. When we are wounded, a physical component in the brain puts up a barrier to prevent us from constantly processing and reprocessing the pain, so that we can be productive and move forward during our waking hours. They’re not walls of denial; they’re walls of divine protection. While some conscious processing is healthy and necessary, it’s not meant to haunt us.

The time to process that pain is in our sleep. When we’re not conscious, the emotional walls come down so the soul can do its cleanup and repair work. This means that all sorts of difficult emotions get stirred up, and they work themselves out through our dreams. If this didn’t happen, frustration, anger, fear, betrayal, guilt, and humiliation would build up and up and up within us until they overpowered the strength of the walls holding them in place and took over our waking lives. Instead, our dreams release them. This nightly housecleaning

You can have the most compassionate, generous, loving person who can’t go a night without dreaming something unpleasant. Believe it or not, this is the healthier process. Because this person is so tuned in, she’s a witness to others’ struggles. She experiences the range of human suffering, and so when she checks out for the night, her brain needs to protect her from becoming haunted by it in her waking life. She may dream of school-yard bullies and natural disasters and war zones, and it’s all for her benefit—so that rather than waking up bitter that she has to leave some fantastical dream and face a harsh world instead, she can wake up relieved to leave those tough dreams behind, and ready to continue her sacred work of compassion.”

Our dreams are the desires of our heart

This is the first stage of manifesting the desires of our heart, it is your minds way of making those desires real. Some dreams are personal and you just releasing things, odd and random. I do not wake up with any emotion to these dreams, they just are and I leave them be.

Message dreams are rich in symbols, they seem random but are all connected. They have animals, numbers, names of people and things that are specific and you can remember when you wake up these odd but very specific symbols. These are the ones that are fun to go look up and learn.

Real dreams are given as a way for you to live an experience and either learn somethings, practice something so you will get over fear, or best of all show you what is possible and open your mind to what can be. These dreams you wake with all the emotion as if you just lived it. After these dreams it is the hardest for me to go back to sleep. I remember these dreams like they are memories, every detail and they are hard to forget.

Visions, are like real dreams but you can have these while you are awake as well. They are like a movie in your head, you might not be part of the story like real dreams but there as a by stander just observing.

What are some tips?!

Write them down

First, first, first… You must write them down. I can not emphasize enough how important this is. If you want to receive more dreams this is a why to show that you are serious in wanting more. This is a way to show that you are grateful for what you have been given and ready to receive more.

Another reason why you want to write them down is because even for the real dreams I have, I think I wont ever forget because it is so clear. As the years go by and you have more real dreams and more real dreams it gets more difficult to keep them straight. Writing them down so you can do back and read them keeps them clear from the others. I have a notebook that is my dream notebook dedicated only to dreams. Go start writing down ones that you remember!

And give them a title so you can find the dream you are looking for later. This way you do not have to go through and read all of them again to find the one you want. I do not write all my dreams down, just to real ones, the symbolic ones or visions.

Animal Encounters

Animals in dreams also carry specific messages, like numbers. Pay attention to how they act with you in the dream, if they bite you, if they are aggressive or gentle. I google “meaning of dream with….” and I look at 5 different sources and see what the same underlying theme is with ALL of them. I do not just take one for its word, so read a couple. There is also a great book that has been spot on for me that you can go look up right after you have had a dream. It is called Animal Speak, it is a fun book to learn about all the different animals and is a great reference guide.


Pay attentions to names. Names have meanings and messages by themselves. It is a way to get a larger meaning or message out with one word. One time I got the name Obediah, I looked up that meaning and it was- serves God. The message I took was “remember to serve God.”


For the message dreams and being able to find out what the message is. I have studies numerology so that I know what message or energy each number holds. Pattern for repeating numbers, just google “meaning of number….” and sources will come up to teach you. Numbers will also pop up all around you during that day, like every time you look at the clock its a certain time. On receipts, or time you receive texts, if there is a number that keeps repeating itself to you- go look it up and find the message!

Angel of Dreams

There are angels who have been given the specific job- and they are very good at it- of creating our dreams and the symbols. If you want to dream more, ask for them. Ask for the messages you need to receive, release the things you need to let go of, guidance of the relationships you need to heal. Dreams help us become the best versions of ourselves and healthier people. Happy dreaming!

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