We are multi dimensional beings, made up of so many levels. One of those levels is Spirit. What do I mean by “spirit”? Spirit can be understood as the life force energy that is in all of us. We are first created spiritually, energetically before we were created physically. Spirit is the Divine with in us all, the creative energy that is expressed through every living thing. As spirit beings we are all given “gifts of the spirit” that are unique to us, strengths to share with those around us to bless the world.

In connecting with the spirit and developing that side of who we are, it connects us with our own innate abilities, our gifts, to help us remember who we truly are and re connect us to the essence of the divinity with in us. We then can realize this in all of those around us. It helps us see our surroundings and people in a completely different light.

Our spirit is able to communicate through our intuition

Your intuition is based is your gut. “I have a gut feeling” is actually more real than we understand. Gut health is very important for your intuition to be strong, we want good gut health and our intuition to be strong in order to connect with the spirit more effectively. Our intuition is the little voice inside helping us, it is the voice of our spirit. By developing it and making it stronger we are able to connect with all that we are.

There are several ways to connect and hear the spirit, but there are four basic ones. These are what I am going to focus on and hopefully help you see which ones come more easily to you. This way you can identify the ones that the spirit is trying to communicate with you on. Then you can start receiving more clear communication through the spirit.

Here are the four basic ways to receive messages from our intuition, for most people two of them will come very easily. These are “filters” of how our spirit communicates and has a voice for us to understand. All of these are intuitive gifts.

4 ways our intuition speaks

  1. Clairaudience. This is a clear hearing of messages. You have a highly sensitized ear perceptions. Maybe audible outside of your being or in your head, you can hear what is trying to be communicated to you. Your ears may be fine tuned to hear the frequencies of things around you like music, TV, computers and all electronics. Hearing things that are beyond the normal frequency range of hearing. You may tend to get more headaches because of this, but you can hear good things like sounds, music, messages on a higher frequency level, from the spirit dimension.
  2. Clairsentience. This is clear feeling. This is empathic understanding, or feeling of impressions through feelings in your emotional body. Emotions are the messages. When an angelic being or spirit in present, a feeling or keen awareness is perceived and emotions can be relayed through these impressions. You may be able to feel the emotions of others, not just emotions but the thoughts and intents of another’s heart. Being able to feel the energy and emotions in things like stones, colors, art, trees, plants and such. You feel and receive through your emotions. It is important to have balanced heart health.
  3. Clairvoyance. This is a clear seeing or sight, and getting things through visual cues. You can see the energy around you, or see pictures in your mind when you ask questions. If you are a clairvoyant you receive messages best from the spirit in the form of inner sight. You are highly sensitive through your minds eye. Images like symbols, objects, colors, people, scenes, stories, visions, dreams, auras, chakra energy centers, or angels. You may be able to see imbalances in energy and sickness in the body.
  4. Claircognizance. This one is about a clear knowing. This individual receives impressions such as precognition, inspirational thoughts, and complete ideas. They just know things. You do not know how you know it, or yet can explain it but inside of you, you know things and do not know where they came from. It is an inner knowingness. These types of impressions can come through inspirational speaking, writing, and all types of creative art, even dancing.
How to handle each one

We all have at least one of these that is the strongest, maybe two. We can work and learn to get all of them strong in time. Start practicing and focusing on the one or two that are the strongest for you. Find what you are naturally good at so you can have clear communication. Notice and start observing how your intuition speaks. Start validating and owning up to what you are receiving, do not think you are crazy! Make sure you are clearing any fear and judgement around it and yours will open up a lot more.

There are techniques to help us in each one of these. Those will be in separate posts to help with the pros and cons that come with each one, cause we all know there are pros and cons!


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