This thought was part of my lesson in trying to live in the present. I have learned that living in the past brings you depression and living in the future brings on anxiety. The present is all that matters. Our tomorrows are taken care of. There may be things in our present that we do not like and that we want to change right now but this lesson changed my perspective on that.

I can accept and be content with my present and find joy for today, but still somedays I am just done with all of it.

I keep thinking that it should have shifted by now…

Heres the thing: On those days when I am just done, when the mountain is not being moved and the water is not being parted; I have to trust that all those things are happening for a reason. They are taking me to the place I need to be tomorrow.

What if the things happening today, are the things you need for your tomorrow.

God is coordinating my today for what I need tomorrow. He knows where I need to be, where I want to be. What He has coordinated for today is going to get me there. Today is trying to get me to my target, my goal and the future I want. So I let tomorrow take care of itself, shift into trust that:

Truth is You know what tomorrow brings,

Because there is not a day ahead that You have not seen…

He says: I Am your tomorrows

I choose to trust. Accept that what is happening today is happening because it is the best for my tomorrows. Thank you for the present. This is a needed constant reminder for me. No matter what it is that is happening today, I can shift into praise and be grateful for the present.

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