Since I strive for balance in all things, I have been wanting to write this post for several months. I have a post written on the Divine Feminine, and thus a post on the Divine Masculine has been needed for a while. I have been chewing on how to present this so that there is a foundation and place for understanding.

The reason the Divine Feminine was written first, is because that is where most of the shifting and work needs to be done. In this mans world, or patriarchal world (in religious terms) the female has been pushed down, looked at as less than, and something to control and subdue. Also in sharing blame is the women for taking it and going along with it. Women need to start standing up, and men need to start taking ownership and see women as equal. I know this is not all men, so if this is not you…great! I am glad you are not adding to the problem.

Then a problem comes up as the pendulum swings to the other side… “Feminism”

I do not agree with the views of this movement or how they may go about handling it. The problem is these women start to change themselves to be more like men. They do this in order to work in “their” world, and be more tough etc. so that they can feel equal and have the world see them as such. Then it takes on another mask as they start to now see themselves as better than men. This is a HUGE problem. Here is what I see happens with that:

  1. This does not bring the Divine Feminine into balance with the Divine Masculine. Instead they end up putting the men where they used to be! Looking down on them, subduing them, seeing them as less than. This is not balance either.
  2. They loose a sense of their own Divine Feminine, as they push it down and cultivate more of the masculine in themselves. This then throws of their balance internally and they feel depressed, stressed, and end up needing medication.
What happens when we function out of balance

We all have male and female energy within our own bodies, that we have to work hard at to balance. The left side of our body represents the female energy, and the right side is connected to the male. Having these energies within ourselves out of balance can cause physical and mental problems. You cannot achieve health or your highest and best self with these energies out on balance within yourself. For example:

  1. When a women thinks she needs to be more of a man to be in “his world”, then she suppresses her natural female side.
  2. When a man is belittled by all the women in his life, hearing all these terrible things about men, and is put into positions where he does not want to be, he gets thrown off balance.

Most people have been conditioned to support the divine masculine energy, which is why we live in a society that relies heavily on math and science to comprehend life. This world has been more masculine from the beginning, and it will take a while to undo the programs running. It will take the women and men to start shifting and change paradigms together.

Adding to the problem for men…

Is all of the BPA plastic that has been in our world for generations. This BPA is turned into estrogen in the body, this then changes the mans body to more “feminine”, and not how he was created to be. Black tea helps the body get rid and detox from this. When you have had this for generations, and men’s bodies slowing being changed, it shuts down their Divine Masculine.

The problem with humanity is that most of us have forgotten who we really are. There is a lack of commitment of personal responsibility. Because of this, the divine feminine and divine masculine energies have become heavily unbalanced, causing “sickness” and destructive ideas to manifest.

Lets define some things so we can make sure we are on the same page. This is what I see Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy as:

What is the Divine Feminine Energy?

The divine feminine energy is an energy that has the quality of intuition, compassion, emotion, creativity, empathy, collaboration, holistic thought and right brain thinking. From the perspective of electromagnetism, the divine feminine energy is the magnetic force.

What is the Divine Masculine Energy?

The divine masculine energy is an energy that possesses the quality of analytic and rational thinking, determination, linear thinking, action, and left brain thinking. Because of this, people who have a lot of the qualities of the divine masculine energy are often great in math and science. From the perspective of electromagnetism, the divine masculine energy is the electric force.

Finding a balance within

Remember these energies to not represent the female body and the male body. We each have BOTH of these energies inside of us. One will be more dominant, but the goal is for these energies to come into a balance within you. We each may need to work harder and put more focus into what does not come naturally. For example: a man may need to work harder on being able to learn empathy, feel emotions and having long conversations. It may not come naturally, and thus it will take more work to balance his Divine Feminine with in himself.

When you have found this place within yourself, this place of balance, magic happens. We can understand life better, and our physical health will abound. Our mental state will see things clear, and our emotions will be able to be felt and moved through and not acted on. We will be able to be a lion and a lamb at the same time, and call on the right one for each situation. When you acquire enough knowledge and experience to merge both of these two divine energies within yourself, in a harmonious way, it allows you to achieve true spiritual enlightenment and intelligence. You will have become one within yourself. And thus be able to become one with humanity and another person.

What Does Divine Masculine Look Like?
  • The Divine Masculine honors all life and gives respect for the life in all creations. He sees that same life that flows through him flows through all things and he see himself as one. If he harms another, he harms himself. On the other hand it is in his nature to protect his stewardships and dominions if threatened. He stands up, not fearing loosing his life in defense of his stewardships. They are given to him to cultivate, nurture and care for with gentleness, kindness and governing, not control.
  • He governs and cares for his body, and respects himself as he does with all life around him. He knows that in order to protect and defend he must be ready and able to do the job. He nurtures his own body as one of his stewardships, he is strong and healthy, dressing and upholding himself with the same respect he gives to everyone around him.
  • He stands up and is counted for what he believes. He stands up for injustice and for those that are downtrodden. He adds his voice and roars to oppose those who abuse their power and stewardships. He knows real power is rooted in pure love, and that is where is his power is sourced from.
  • This is why he does not govern with control or dominion. And more and more dominions are added unto him because of his respect for all life. Nothing and no one is beneath and lower than him, he does not look down on anyone because he is rooted in that love. 
  • His emotions to not rule him, though he feels them… he allows them to move through him, including his fears, and stays in the stillness and peace inside. He can then act from this place of peace and not react to every situation with what is necessary. He is ruled with patience for all beings, he is not rushed for anything.
  • He is a provider, he provides and wants to work hard to provide for the needs and wants of his stewardships. He feels joy when he is fulfilling his purposes. He knows that with out them he can not learn to become the god he needs to be. He is godly because he knows himself and that he is a god, and that is where he will return.
  • The Divine Masculine knows his weaknesses and willingly accepts help. He is always teachable because he knows knowledge is never ending. The more he learns, the more he realizes he knows nothing. He knows that without the wisdom to balance his knowledge, it makes that knowledge useless. Just as he knows he is feminine and masculine.
This world needs the Divine Masculine & Feminine

The world needs more balanced men and women. The women need to bring their Divine Feminine to the world, to their place of work out in “the mans world”. Is this not what it was missing in the first place? Women do not need to change to be like men. We need to embrace those qualities and be okay with sharing them and teaching with them. It is not about proving that you make a better man, that women are better, or women are smarter and stronger. We all need to STOP COMPARING. That does not bring balance to this world. Every person needs to find the balance within and start seeing each other as equals. Equal in power, ability, knowledge, authority, and strength in their own realms.

IF both sides were able to accept each other, respect the qualities each has to give, each take ownership for their part, and knowing that one with out the other would make us cease to exist, we would be able to learn from each other and work in Unity. Then this world would be a much different place.

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