We were first created as spiritual beings, made from energy. We were then created physically and received a body from our parents. This is the same process of creation everything on this earth has gone through, including the earth itself.

If we understand that there is a spiritual world all around us here in our physical realm, that everything happening in the physical plane is because something is happening in the spiritual realm, then we can then understand how to heal this physical realm, those around us, and the earth itself.

But it starts with YOU.

Our bodies, disease, sickness and lack, or shortage; none of that exists in the spiritual. The way you were first created is perfect, whole and beautiful.

If we can learn how to bring that realm into this physical one, things would exist and look a lot different. The greatest minds of our existence knew and taught this principal. The physical realm has a spiritual one behind it, but which one is governing your world?

This is what I aim to teach here, to inspire change and live as a spiritual being first.

Learning to be in tune with both worlds, and on all levels, is a journey and a process to be enjoyed. You can heal your body from all levels: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

If you just focus on the physical journey, the going is slow, but if you add the other three and let the spirit realm govern, healing can be instantaneous.

There are people being healed form cancer without the pain and intrusion of chemo and radiation. We can all be healed from our illnesses, but it takes a lifestyle change in the physical because “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got.

This is why physical is the first step. It involves so much of our life and requires adjustments in our lifestyle to see real change! Switch out things that bring you down for something that will raise you up. A more lasting, permanent change comes from the inside out. Spiritual is the root of all creation.

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