We all have emotions, and one of the biggest lessons in life is learning how to handle them. Do they control you? Or have you learned the art of temperance? Learning how to be non-reactive takes a lot of practice. On the other side when we ignore- burry- and numb ourselves from feeling, it does not mean they are not there. When they are ignored emotions can and will affect your physical health at some point.

It is all about your perceptions. The goal is to view everything in life as an experience; that is it. Learning to be in tune with your emotions and why you are feeling a certain way will help you learn how to shift through them.

First you have to actually allow yourself to feel. Emotions are not bad to have; we obviously we have them for a reason. But some people do not give themselves permission to feel. They shut their emotions off and ignore them.

I am here to tell you, emotions do not just go away.

Here is what happens: Those swallowed, ignored emotions get stored away for safe keeping. Each organ and system of the body is set up to take your emotional deposits if not worked through.

If you choose to work through them, give them a voice and then allow them to move through you, then they do not get stored.

To learn ways of how to release emotions see the tutorial here on Emotional First Aid.

If a person made you upset and you decided to not work through it, your liver gets that deposit of anger. And through your life, if more and more anger deposits are made to your liver, those emotions will fester and start to cause real physical problems, such as liver cancer, high cholesterol and many other things.

All hope is not lost.

All of those experiences we had when we were younger, that we may or may not remember, can be cleared and released so that they no longer cause problems. As well as any emotions you have stored thus far in your life without knowing.

Here is a chart to get you started:

If you have physical health concerns in these areas, these are some of the emotions you want to focus on clearing. Now that you are aware, start paying attention to how are you feeling and why. Then learn how to release them in the healthiest way for you. See post How to Release Stored Emotions.

For more detailed information and what emotions are stored where, check out the book Feeling Buried Alive Never Die. For more even further detail you can dive right into the text book Messages from the Body: Their Psychological Meaning.

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