Sleep and why we may not sleep is a very broad subject. There is so much that goes into figuring out why you may not be sleeping and what things you can try. When someone says they do not sleep well, essential oils are definitely on the top of the list of my suggestions to try. They are an easy fix and do not take much effort. And essential oils have been proven to help over and over with so many people to help them find sleep.

*A couple of things to know with using oils for sleep: The essential oil will blend with your chemistry, so if one does not work move on to the next, until you find one that works with your system. And you can use them several different ways.

How do I use them for sleep?
  1. You rub on the bottom of your feet.
  2. Rub on your temples, neck and forehead.
  3. Put a couple drops in your hand and rub together. Cup your hands over your nose and take deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth. Make sure you breathe all the way in till you can not anymore, and then all the way out. I do this while laying in bed after I am all ready.
  4. Sometimes you can put one drop under your tongue.
  5. Use a diffuser and diffuse by bed at night.
  6. Make a pillow spray in a 2 oz spray bottle, fill it with water and add 15 drops of oil. Spray on pillow at night.

*I will say which suggestion to do by each essential oil option.

Here are my suggestions of essential oils to help you sleep:

Serenity oil and Soft Gel Capsules

This blend of oil has been one of my favorite for 10 years. The oil smells amazing, and it is used by itself or in combination with the serenity capsules. The capsules include essential oils mixed with other natural sleep aid supplements. And both are gentle enough for kids. *Rub oil under nose and on feet and then diffuse. Sallow capsule 30 minutes before bed. Good oil to use during the day to keep calm. My mother in law who works for the airlines and has jet lag all the time, has used Serenity for 8 years and it knocks her right out, no matter what time zone she is in.

Clary Sage

This is one where you are going to put 1 drop under your tongue. Warning: it does not taste good 🙂 But do not shun it, at least give it a try if the others did not work. Put 1 drop under your tongue 30 minutes before bed. You can also rub a couple drops on the outside of your ankle under your ankle bone back by your heel where that soft spot is. You can do this during the day as well and see if you notice any changes.

This is the oil I gave to my neighbor when she had tried everything. She told me the next day that she slept through her alarm and she never does that. She thought it was a fluke so she tried it again. And it still worked! She was able to sleep longer and deep than she had before. Give it a try and do not be shy of the taste. It does not last forever.  *Try the other options if pregnant.

Roman Chamomile

This one you can do any and above of the suggestions. People have had success and works wonders diffused by bed at night. Others like to rub it on, so give it a try with any of them. Mix with the serenity or lavender and that will change things too.


Queen of oils, she is the mother that blends well and makes all the other oils play nice. Lavender has been known for centuries for its calming affects. It does help with sleep as well. Add to a bath at night, diffuse and mix with other oils or by itself. Or rub on feet and smell at night, great for the pillow spray.

Let me know if you try any of these oils and what your stories are so we can share with others! All of these options are great for kids and safe. They do not create a dependance on them and have no side effect. They also help support a healthy emotional health and help you work through those emotions. You only need a couple of drops so do not think if you drench yourself in them that it will help more- just a tip for ya.

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