One day I was cutting up all of my fruit for my morning juicing. I got all of the apples out of the fridge and had them all out on the counter. From this perspective they all looked the same, beautiful and all the same basic color with subtle unique and individual differences. None was better than the other for they were all apples and made from the same seed. As I began to cut them up there was one that I got to and from the outside peel you would never know that it was any different. Then as I cut into it, I found it was rotten from the core.

Of course it was still an apple, and still had some parts that were good and would have tasted like an apple but it was hiding a part of itself from all who looked with their physical eyes. There was no rotten spots on the outside to indicate something was wrong. It was not portraying its true nature. It was deceiving to anyone who looked upon it. This is what it means to not be your true authentic self.

There are many aspects of this. We all have lots of faces we portray to different people, the goal is to blend all of those faces into ONE. Accept all the different aspects of yourself, both dark and light, and be who you truly are. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, for that is judgement. There just is. People are people, and we work to accept and love everyone for who and what they are. We work to accept who and what WE are. All of who we are. And portray only that one person to the world.

Levels of Love

There is light and good in everyone, and a person can focus and see only this in someone. If we love only the light in people, that is a shallow love. We should all strive to get to the point where we see their light AND their darkness and love them just the same.

What if… since most people are not their true authentic selves, they do not show their dark sides? How can we love all of them? When a person only shows the “light” parts of themselves and tries and hide the dark, they will never be their true selves. This is being deceiving to everyone around you. They are not genuine people. Yes the light is still there, they are lying about that. What they are lying about is they are only portraying half of who and what they are. The apple was still an apple, it was not lying about that. It was lying about what was truly inside, and hiding it from the world. Living in secret and deceiving is never a good way to live, it brings about consequences eventually that you will have to live with.

This is not about judgement or accusations, it can never be about that because we all have darkness, yin and yang, and we all should know that. I do not condemn another persons darkness unless I do not see and accept my own. When you DO see and accept your own, you do not condemn others for theirs.

It is another thing entirely, when a person is not being their true self- only projecting their light for others to see, being deceiving and something else entirely. Then they simply should be warned of to others. Warning and judging are different things.

Different ways to go about handling the Rotten Apple:

If I had known the apple was rotten, and you were blind and cutting the apple to then put into your juice would you not want me to warn you that it was rotten?! There are several ways a person could handle this:

  1. Maybe you should let them learn the lesson on their own and juice the apple, only to have it spoil all their juice.
  2. Maybe one would condemn the apple, yelling and telling the world of the rottenness inside. Having an intention in the heart to gain praises, respect, or just to hurt the apple out of spite.
  3. You could also then judge all of the rest of the apples on the counter, to be rotten as well and throw them all out just to be safe. Without even giving any of the rest of the apples a chance.
  4. Or you could simply say out of love to another before they trusted and cut into the apple “That apple is rotten, be careful what you do with it”. And then let them make their own choice.
Choices, choices, choices…

There are a lot more options than just these four. For option number 4: I am not judging the apple, I simple see it for what it is, I accept that it is that way, and since I know that it is rotten I am letting you know. The apple could then be chopped and made into compost to bless the earth and your garden with nutrients.

Knowing if someone is hiding and not being their true authentic selves has to be discerned with spiritual eyes, your intuition and seeing a person in the spirit. Trust what you feel from another person. And since you know about the deception, you were able to make better choices about that person…I mean apple…in your life.

The intentions of the heart can be hid in actions, words and gifts very easily. One must have discernment of the intentions of a persons heart. One way or another those intentions will always manifest themselves, and you will eventually see what you always knew. If a warning is merited to give of another person, then you do not need to care if they listen or not, because it is only at their own peril if it is true.

What is the root?

Usually we portray a different face of ourselves to another because we CARE about what the world says and thinks about us. Do you know how heavy that weight is? To try and control what people say or think about you is a huge unnecessary burden we put on ourselves. This is a lesson best learned before we are 18. If you just be yourself the rest of the world will shift around you. Your relationships will adjust by themselves, without you having to do a thing. It is a long journey to un-attach from caring about how others perceive you, or say about you or think about you, but it can be done.

Here is a song to help you on this journey of being your authentic self:

I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly
I don’t know why I was so afraid… all the time
Memories seemed to bother me.. my whole life
I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly
I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly
I don’t know why I was so ashamed
Such a waste of time
And I don’t know who I was trying to be
All those lies
I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly
I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly
Oh and there’s always something
Or somebody right behind
Well we’re not meant to be everything
We’re just one piece
So spread your wings
Oh I don’t know why I was so afraid all the time
I used to carry the weight of the world
And now all I want to do is spread my wings and fly…
(Weight of the World-Chantal Kreviazuk)

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