All of our emotions have a frequency. What has been talked about on this site is how those negative emotions lower our overall frequency or how positive emotions can raise our frequency.

Emotions can be very powerful, but the key is learning how to govern or control those emotions. We do not want our emotions to control us or overrun our life and affect our health in a negative way.

Our emotions affect our actual DNA and as a result, our physical health also.

Check out how emotions look in the body

If negative emotions are stored in the body they can cause you physical pain. Check out this article: 20 sources of pain in the body directly linked to specific emotional states.

If you would like to know more on how to release any stored negative emotions see the post How to Release Stored Emotions.

If you would like to know more about how your emotions affect your DNA check out this study done with Our DNA and Emotions.

Not acknowledging (neutral) your emotions is the darkest of them all, love and joy are the highest frequency.

When you are being your true self by giving and receiving pure love then your vibration will be an optimal level.

Now that you can see what emotions look like in the body and the heat signature they carry, here is a list of the frequency emotions have:

  • Enlightenment: 700-1000
  • Peace: 600
  • Joy: 540
  • Love: 500
  • Reason: 400
  • Acceptance: 350
  • Willingness: 310
  • Neutrality: 250
  • Courage: 200
  • Pride: 175
  • Anger: 150
  • Desire: 125
  • Fear: 100
  • Grief: 75
  • Apathy: 50
  • Guilt: 30
  • Shame: 20
We can change the world around us by our emotions.

Look at this list and see where you are. Where do your normally function? Choose the level above where you are now and move into that space and try to maintain that new level throughout the day.  Take one day at a time until that feels comfortable.

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