How do you know when you have truly healed? We all have scars from the past, the pain, the sorrow, fear and guilt. Certainly the scars will not disappear, so we can not judge by that. We can re tell the stories over and over or hold it all in. Cry our eyes out for nights and nights till there are no more tears. We could let fear, guilt, and sorrow rule us. When does the healing come? Here is a great quote I live by:

How do we get to this point?

This point is where the emotions behind the experience are neutralized. Re living and thinking about the experience is living in the past. The past can be heavy, what I found is that not a place to live. It brings a depression, a void and deadness to life. Being alive but not living. Take the experience and learn from it. What did you learn? If you learned even one thing, then the experience was worth it. It made you better, stronger. Learn the lesson and then dream of how you can teach that lesson to others in the future, so someone can avoid your suffering. God has a way of taking everything “bad” and turning it for good. Then and most important is shift into the present. 

“Lessons of the past, dreams of the future, memories made in the present”

The present is where the power and healing is.

Now, I have shifted into living in the present but sometimes it feels like the experience keeps getting pushed in my face over and over again from the outside world!? My brain keeps running and running with what happened. I know what I have learned and emotions are neutralized but why does it keep coming up?! We can not to go back and change anything, so we must move forward. Why then does it keep getting brought up? Because:

“Being tested means mastering the lessons you have learned” -Paulo Coelho

Okay, so it keeps coming to see if I get it yet. The universe will test me to see if I learned what I needed. Until I become a master and that weak part is now turned into a strength. Then finally it shifts, it is done, and it lifts and is gone. I tell the story in the future to help another and do so with out any emotion. The emotion is gone and dissipated. I now see and experience it as someone from the outside. I can now share the lessons I have mastered from a point of strength.

“When you can not go back, you only have to worry about the best way of moving forward and leave the rest to God.” -Paulo Coelho

My scars are a reminder of what I have been through. They are a reminder of what I have learned and I would not trade them for anything. I do not want to go back, they made me who I am today and I have come to accept that. I can fully share and not hide because I am not ashamed of who I am or what I have gone through to learn what I have mastered.

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