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There are so many ways to raise our frequency, a lot of them have been talked about but there are still so many more options. This post is about water. Since we are made of over 70% water, the type of water you put in your body is critical to your health and to your frequency- either raising or lowering it. Not only is the type of water important but the amount. We should at least be drinking half of our body weight, in ounces. Since water is the main factor to our health, it is something we should pay attention to. And not only the water we drink but the water we are bathing and showering in.

Did you know…in the average 10-minute shower, the human body absorbs the same amount of chlorine as if you drank 20 gallons of tap water? This is your whole family, including kids, that are being exposed to the chemicals in our water each time we shower! Top cancer specialists agree that cancer is caused by toxins and poisonous chemicals that eventually mutate your cells. That is why this site is dedicated to help you make changed into cutting out the chemicals in our lives.

What can we do?

You can get your water tested to see what you are dealing with in your city. Each city is different. Look out for the added fluoride some cities put into city water. The fluoride is needed for our body but only the smallest amount. And if you are getting fluoride each time you shower, and drink and go to the dentist…that is A LOT of fluoride. Eventually it is stored in your brain, and in the pineal glad. This can cause problems including the hardening or calcifying of the pineal gland.

After you get you water tested you can find the right water filter for you. It can be just a drinking one, or a whole house filter. Kangan water filter is a good one for just a drinking filter. This filter can change the PH of your water. We want our water to be at the right PH or alkaline so that it raises the alkaline of our body. It is harder for cancers, parasites, viruses to live in an alkaline environment. The PH level of your body is key to your health.

Our drinking water is where over 50% of the time we get parasites as well. Parasites are a huge detriment to our health, and so it is imperative to know the water you are drinking. You want your water to be clean but still have the minerals in tact. A lot of the times you need to get the water filtered and cleaned but then re-mineralized. Distilled water is cleaned but it essentially “dead” water. There are no natural trace minerals left behind after the water is cleaned. Minerals are a must for our health and have to be added back in by supplementation into the water. I use Organa Minerals (can get them plain or flavored) or Mivita Trace Minerals. 

Raising the frequency of our water

There are also other things, after you water has been cleaned, and re-mineralized. You can also add PH drops and alkaline it, if you do not have a filter that does that. You can also infuse your water with positive frequencies through music. Water holds memory. Just as water can be affected by words as Dr. Masaru Emoto famous research shows, it is affected by the vibrational sounds of music. You can simply leave your gallon of water out by a speaker and play the music.

There is also something called structured water. This is water in its most natural form. Water that comes from a stream in the mountains or a natural way is called living water. This water has an energy and a life. Since most of our water is chemical laden, it must be cleaned or distilled, it is essentially dead water. There are also ways you can also add back in the “structure” of water, adding back in energy and life to the water. It is actually very simple! First here is more explanation of why you might want to consider drinking structured water:

Drinking Structured Water

Much of the following information has been gleaned from Lynne McTaggart’s work on Intention, and her latest book, The Power of Eight.  Other information came from Victor Schauberger’s work, Living Water. As well as the observations of Yvonne Bent, from her work in sacred geometry and the patterns in nature.

Water which has been exposed to the frequency of 432 Hz, which can be through music, and certainly through the effects of the shade of trees, the tumbling over rocks and up through the ground to become streams of living water. This water has a profound ability to heal the human body, cleanse any being that drinks of it, and can clean up the polluted seas and waterways of the world.

Water molecules have the ability to act as a team (especially if they are organized or ordered)
Picture by: Aaron Gerszewski

When water molecules, are closely packed together, they exhibit a collective behavior, forming what they have termed ‘coherent domains’, like a powerful laser light.  These clusters of water molecules tend to become informed in the presence of other molecules, polarizing around any charged molecule, storing and carrying its frequency, so that it may be read at a distance.

Interesting how water, when it is ordered and energized, take on the same geometric hexagonal shape as a bee hive. And the behavior of the molecule takes on the same behavior as the bees in the hive. Both the bees in the hive, and the water molecules, when in an ordered, energetic state, convey a coherent domain, acting in concert to convey information that will benefit the other cells.

Del Giudice and Preparata discovered that these single wavelengths of molecules become ‘informed’ in the presence of other molecules – they tend to polarize around any charged molecule – storing and carrying its frequency so that it may be read at a distance.

Now we can talk about how to structure your water

This method is a bit tedious and takes a while but I will explain the parts and why they are important.

  1. Get a gallon bottle and put a bit of mica rock, or granite rock in the bottle and fill with your clean water. The rocks are what is going to help restructure the water, like the do when the water runs over the rocks in the streams.
  2. Put a flat magnet under on the outside of the bottle. The magnet is for the earths energy.
  3. Then use a wooden spoon and stir the water for 20 seconds one way, then 20 second the other way.
  4. Do this back and fourth for 5 minutes.

This process forces the water into the correct structure. When water is structurally correct it releases the memories it holds.

Another and less tedious way is to use a funnel method:

Here is a video for that one: https://youtu.be/i0VECHu-y6U 

I would change hers a bit and add the magnet on the bottom and use a copper funnel. A copper funnel would be best for the properties copper carries.

Here is one that you make with 2 wine bottles so you can make the vortex: https://youtu.be/6QVDMZyrMKE

I would use the bottle to restructure the water and then just drink from the same bottle. Find a flat magnet to glue on the bottom and DO use the removable copper washer.

Check out these for more research:

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