Your body and essence have been participating in a process of Rejuvenation & Restoration each month since you were born. All of this has been happening on a subconscious level.

In this process you are given a chance to receive rejuvenation, healing, new blood, and new brain cells to be turned on. As well as on a DNA level for DNA to be healed and junk DNA to be activated. You are not a victim of the DNA you were born with.

In the post Choose Life, Death is a Lie– I give several examples of where this process is talked about in scripture and in science. This is another example of how this process has been laid out and talked about for a very long time. The knowledge of which has been buried, hidden, and changed. Have you heard that in an average of every 6 months, every cell in your body has been remade? So every 6 months your body is remade into better or worse. Unto health or sickness. Imagine if you could aid in this process…

The manger story lays out the process happening in your body each month.

This story has been there all long, told in scripture and in science in the body. Our vehicle has been the testament all along. Your path to freedom and life. Just as an old car can be restored so can your “spacesuit”. There have been cultures that knew and actively participated in this process in restoring the body, this knowledge is not new. The above a witness and intricately embedded as the key.

Better than writing it all out, here is a short 20 minute video that puts it all together:

If you are wanting to participate and help this process in your body each month, you are going to want to know when the moon is in your Zodiac sign each month. Until you learn to feel the shifts every 2.5 days in your body here is a good app called LUNA Solaria that includes tracking of the Sun and Moon in the free version.

*Also, for your consideration is using Myrrh and Frankincense essential oil on the spine during the 2.5 days when the oil is in the Solar Plexus. In this Rejuvenation & Restoration process each month, fire and water come together, male and female, the baptism of fire and water as both are necessary. It is fire that is a transformer and water that is a purifier. As the butterfly is changed on a DNA level, from a caterpillar to a butterfly in the heat of the chrysalis.

Here is another video that explains a bit more on this manger story and gives you a bigger perspective:

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