“Water is the life blood of the Earth. When water is healthy is has a complex structure that enables it to communicate information, carry energy, nutrients, and healing to self cleanse, and discharge wastes”

Victor Schauberger

Why do we want the water pure from the mountains? Why do companies offer different kinds of water and can charge more based off where it is from? The answer lies in how it makes us feel. When a water bottle is sold as pure mountain spring water they charge more and people pay it. Different kinds of water make us feel different and contribute in big ways to our health. There are several factors that are taken into consideration in our water. If you were offered for your house to run on water from the city or pure water from the Swiss Alps, which one would you choose? Clean, pure water holds a different energy. Lets talk about what are the factors that Raise the Frequency of Your Water.

Is it clean?

The first step is that we want our water to be clean. Most city water is filled with fluoride, heavy metals, pharmacological compounds, bacteria and viruses. No one wants to be drinking all that while we are trying to heal our bodies. In a 10 minute shower it is shown that Chloroform (one of the THMs-which may be cancer-causing) is absorbed and inhaled. Our city water is recycled from the sewer systems, cleaned (kind of) and then given back to us. During this cleaning process not everything is cleaned out, including the chemicals in pharmaceuticals.

Science News reported that researchers found increases in chloroform in study participants’ lungs of about 2.7ppb after a 10-minute shower. Combined with warm water opening pores, skin absorption and lung inhalation during a 10-minute shower showed to be greater than the amount that would be ingested by drinking 8 glasses of the same water.”

All of these chemicals and heavy metals lower the frequency of your water and affect your health negativity. And it is known that the heavy metal mercury in a body is passed on to the next generation.

Is it full of natural minerals?

Since we want our water clean from all the things above and since we can not have Swiss Alps water delivered to the house. Most people opt for filters. RO is a good system to clean all these out, and considered the best way to clean your water. There is another system called AquaTru for an on the top, re-fillable option. BUT this leaves your water “dead.” Yes it is clean, but it is clean of good and bad. Like an anti-biotic for the body it wipes everything. Another reason we chase the fresh mountain water is because of the minerals. This mineral content is another reason why you feel different after drinking it. Adding the mineral content back in is key. You can also add in a pinch of sea salt for re-mineralizing your water.

Is it living water?

Have you heard of structured water? This is another reason natural mountain water is healing. Some describe this water as sweeter and softer. Structured water is actually the natural form of water in the body and brain, that is 70-90% of us. If you include all of the fluids in the body on a molecular calculation, then your body is 98% water. Water is a carrier of many things. The kind/type and frequency of the water that builds 98% of us is a huge factor in how our health will manifest.

How is structured water made?

Follow the simplicity of nature: Think of a natural flowing mountain stream. As a mountain lake or spring travels down the mountain as rivers with the help of gravity, the earth being a natural purifier, remineralizing the water and the round tumbling motions as it travels down, actually puts certain hexagonal shapes into the water. Structured water is similar to ice molecules that are joined together by a hexagonal structure and have a single sheet layer.

H2O and H3O2

Did you know that the water contained within fresh fruit and vegetables is known chemically as H3O2?! Have you ever cut a cucumber and then seen the water droplets that ooze out of the cut part? If you touch it, it is almost “gelly” like- this is H3O2. It is not quite solid, but it is not quite liquid either. This is living and structured water. Known as the fourth phase of water. This is the type of water found intracellularly in the body and the only type of water the body can utilize. When you consume H2O, your body has to convert it to H3O2 before it is useful.

This is why consuming fruits and vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, pineapple and celery, that have this H3O2 and living water hydrate the body quicker. The closer you can get your water to this, the less your body has to do. With water that has been throughly cleaned, re mineralized and then structured, there is less for your body to do and it helps the body absorb your water better.

Memory of water

Pure water is an excellent conductor. Sound waves also travel much faster in water than they do in air. Water is a very powerful thing and can hold memory and change structure based off that memory. As has been published by Masaru Emoto, in his book Hidden Messages in Water. A New York Times Bestseller book, it advances the idea that the molecular structure of water is changed by the presence of human consciousness or “labels” on the water and backed by extensive experiments. In the end, the water crystals all formed different based on the intention or message put in the water.

We can do this with words or sacred geometry symbols to consciously put a program in the water of what we want. I emboss or etch the symbols into my glass to achieve this last step. For more in depth and added understanding about this, you might be interested to look into the work of Veda Austin. You can also choose to infuse light from the sun to charge your water with out “growing” anything using Miron glass bottles.

The short-bunt-version:

The less steps your body has to take in this process to convert the water to H3O2 the better. To recap and put it simply: This is how you Raise the Frequency of Your Water: Clean-> Mineralize-> Structure-> and memory if you want. For a system that does all these things for you, look into LivePristine. There are several more options out there as more and more companies realize how important this is. There are also a lot of people that have done a lot of research on filters and options, for more research and to dive even deeper listen to the podcast #396 by Luke Story.

This might be some far out there esoteric information for you right now, but science will catch up and more and more studies will come out to back up what people are feeling and tasting in drinking clean, living, structured water.

I have felt by body better absorbs the water I drink when I added the structure part, now I would love this process natural from the Swiss Alps but I am doing what I can. Water and hydration is the biggest part of health and vitality to me, and I choose to put my money to give my family this, so it is worth it. Remember your water intake is supposed to be half your body weight in ounces per day.

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