OMNI Defense

I use a nano silver for SO MANY things. This Arise nano silver is referred to in a lot of protocols especially for first aid, ear aches, sore throats, sinus, lungs etc. I also use it as an ingredient in DIY projects to keep bacteria out and extend shelf life. Think of anything that has the root cause of: bacteria, virus or fungus and this will kill it. If ever in doubt use this and it will help, it acts like a natural antibiotic but better.

*To purchase this product, go to the VIBRATIONALITY Store or go to the product HERE> Please note: This product was known as: Arise! and has under gone a name and label update, it is now called OMNI Defense. Be assured it is the same formula and will give you the same results you are used to having. 


An antibiotic is only for bacterial based infections because it is water based and cannot kill virus infections. A nano silver can kill bacteria, virus and fungus. This is a natural solution so you do not wipe your immune system over and over for things you might not have to.

What is ppm?

What you need to know is that there are different strengths of silvers, this measurement you will see as ppm on the label. The ppm on the Arise is 200ppm.  A lot of nano or colloidal silvers that you find are a lot less than 200 ppm which mean they will not be as effective or it will take more to do its job. I recently saw a silver similar to this in an herb shop and it was $30 for an 8 fl oz and only at a 50 ppm! So look at your labels and see how strong it is.

The difference between Colloidal, Ionic and Nano Silver

Colloidal Silver has a very large molecule, it is a pure silver molecule. But this also means your body can not pass what it does not use, the body has to store any extra in your system. This is not the silver you want.

Ionic is just the term to define the process in making the silver with an electric charge to keep the silver into a solution.

Nano silver means the silver has a very small molecule. The reason you want this is so the body can pass what is not needed. The silver used in this solution is under 100 nanometers.

Do not be overly concerned with taking too much, there is no overdosing like you are used to with medications. Especially with a Nano silver, which is what you want. Obviously, everything in a balance is necessary and even a good thing can be bad if overused, this law goes for everything.

See below for dosages, ingredients and uses.

Nano Silver

A supplement of Nano Silver at 200ppm with added Minerals and infused with Essential Oils. Used like a “natural antibiotic” It can be used internal or externally for rashes, pink eye, earaches, athletes foot, acne, disinfectant for wounds, sore throats, sinus infections and many other things.


The product contains a base of an Ionic Mineral supplement with 78 naturally occurring minerals. Also present in the mineral base are plant based amino acids and enzymes. This is not just any mineral supplement, but a highly technical exclusive process only known to a few companies worldwide. It uses no heat or chemicals for extraction.

The raw materials are from an ancient lake bed which has the Fulvic Acid still present. Fulvic Acid is the by-product of the digestive process of thousands of microbes in healthy soil. The Fulvic Acid then converts the minerals in the soil to an organic form which is then bio-available to the body. A process much like what happens through photosynthesis in plants; taking up nutrients into the plant in a form that can be used.

Silver and other Ionic Elements

We have added Silver in a ratio to make it 200 ppm in strength. Other ionic elements were also added such as: gold, copper, iridium, and rhodium for their varied benefits.

  • Gold is known as a magnifier for processes occurring in the body
  • Copper as a conductor throughout the body
  • Iridium and rhodium are manufactured in the brain for healthy brain function.
Essential Oils

We consulted with the best in the business for the purchasing of oils. Essential Oils or Liquid Copals are very powerful and effective for lots of different uses. We chose five oils to make a blend which oils are known for their effectiveness in killing viruses, bacteria and mold. All of which are helpful in fighting against illness and help detoxify the body. The blend includes: oregano, rose, clove, cinnamon bark and orange.


For Internal Use:

  • Initial Dose: 5-10 drops or 3 sprays daily. Increase dosage gradually as desired to reach effects.
  • Maintenance dose: 1 teaspoon 2 times daily. Or 15-20 sprays.
  • Intensive dose: When exposed or symptoms appear, 1-2 teaspoons every 2-3 hours, or as needed.

For External Use:

  • Nasal Spray: Spray 1-3 pumps up to 3 times daily can reduce the bacteria and viruses that may cause sinus infections.
  • Mouth Rinse: 1 tsp in mouth, around teeth, back of throat and leave in mouth as long as you can hold it, then swallow.
  • Eyes: Applying 2—3 drops in the eyes up to twice daily can reduce the bacteria and viruses that cause eye disease.
  • Acne: For the person who wants to reduce bacteria/virus/fungus, spray on face as needed up to 6 times per day.
  • Wounds: With 80% absorption into the skin it can go directly into the red blood cells acting as an antimicrobial agent helping with inflammation and pain.
  • Hand and Body Antiseptic: Spray on hands or part of body to kill bacteria, viruses, funguses for up to 4 hours then repeat if needed.
  • N95 Masks: In times of a pandemic, on your N95 mask, inside and out. This has the ability to protect you from unwanted super viruses and bacteria.

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