Your body soap is something you probably use almost everyday, and all over your skin. You need to be careful what you use, because your body is absorbing everything in them.  Unfortunately, many products contain parabens, a chemical preservative, as well as phthalates (which are known to cause cancer), petrochemicals made from petroleum, synthetic perfume and dyes—all linked to allergies, hormonal issues, and skin conditions like acne. Make a switch with your body soaps. 

Other common toxic ingredients you might see are Phthalates, Benzoyl Peroxide, Triclosan, Resorcinol, Hydroquinone, Petroleum, Methylisothiazolinone and many more. To learn more about these, check out this article by Annmarie Skin Care.

There are simple, natural ways to scent and color soaps without chemicals. Goats milk soaps with fresh herbs and essential oils make your shower experience an aromatherapy one—and won’t cause you long-term harm and damage to you and your family.

I found changing this saved me a lot of money. I don’t have to buy soaps, shampoo, conditioner or body wash anymore. Plus, I don’t have to deal with a ton of bottles in the shower.  It saves the environment some plastic waste along the way. It’s so easy for my boys to shower and wash everything with one bar—a win-win I’d say!

You can make your own bars from this Basic Shampoo Bar recipe. Or if you are not ready to take on that yet, you can order some.

If you are not ready to take this step and take this all on right now, you can buy the Shampoo Bars from the Online Store. Another great option, especially to heal the skin and if you are worried about skin cancer and wanting to heal from that, I would only use Miracle 2 Miracle Soap.

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