Lets get to work and switch out our deodorant! The reason why you want to Make a Switch: Deodorant is because more and more research and studies are coming out of how Alzheimer’s is linked to aluminum. And with aluminum in much of what we use daily—the pots and pans we cook with, canned food, tinfoil, deodorant—no wonder we are having a problem with aluminum.

There is a solution

Deodorant is something we don’t want to live without, and it goes right under the arm everyday. For women, this is a must when switching out products. Deodorant goes on right next to the breast, causing those cells damage by making them toxic.

The easy solution is getting a natural deodorant. I do not make my own because there are so many companies making natural deodorant and they have got it down. (I don’t like to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.) But if you would like to take a shot at it, there are lots of recipes out there. Here’s my post on it: Natural Deodorant.

Another option is to use a fresh lime. Just cut it and rub it on right after you shower, or even use lime essential oil and rub a couple drops on clean skin. They both dry and absorb quickly. Several companies I have tried and like are NATIVE and DoTERRA, so give some of these a try!

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