Our bodies are 70 percent water, so water content is a huge factor in how your body functions, and not just your physical health. For your overall vibration and energy, and the ease of how the energy flows in your body. The kinds of liquids you put in your system, will either lower or raise your frequency.

Water is a carrier of energy, and if you are dehydrated, this will effect your frequency as well. (If you do not know how to calculate your water intake, see my post “Water“)

Carbonation has very low frequency and acidic PH, not to mention that when you drink it often from a metal can, this adds heavy metals into the body as well. Heavy metals cause huge health problems. (For post on this go to Heavy Metal Cleanse)

Carbonation also neutralizes the acid in your stomach that your body naturally produces to digest your food. So if this acid is getting neutralized, then your food just sits and rots in your gut. Check out this video.

Pop also has a very large amount of refined sugar, which lowers your immune system and feeds the fungus, bacteria and viruses in the body, then causing you to get sick over and over. 

“We’ve long known that the high amount of added sugars in our diets is concerning; and the 30 percent increase is only the average consumption among adult Americans,” continued Ms. Powell. “Even more alarming is the fact that the top 20% of adult consumers are eating 721 calories from added sugar per day, on average. This is equally alarming for the top 20% of children who are consuming on average 673 calories from added sugar per day.” Read more from this study in this article from ScienceDaily.com.

The American Heart Association reports that U.S. adults are eating 60 lbs of sugar annually! This increases with our diets each year, and we think it is normal. But our bodies are not built to handle it. We are weakening our systems and with each generation they get weaker and weaker. With diabetes on the rise especially in children, we are seeing this come to pass now.

Check out this News Video of sugar intake with the help of Dr. Kimber Stanhope of UC Davis with Kick the Can team.

You can check out more research on this article “Effects of Soda on the Body“.

What is the solution? Make the switch to water or fresh juices!

To help you in this process here are some tips:

  • If you are trying to go off the carbonation, the craving and addictions of the body are going to come out. In my experience in working with people it takes about two weeks.
  • If you are missing the “fizz,” adding an Emergen-C packet will be much better for you until you do not need it at all. Or drink carbonated water, adding essential oils for flavor. 
  • If you are needing flavor but not the “fizz” you can add the essential oil of lemon, which will help your PH and help cleanse the liver. Lime, grapefruit, orange are all very good as well. If you would like it sweet, add a couple drops of liquid stevia.
  • If you would like a fizz and flavor, this brand called Hint flavors water with fresh fruit and then strains it, no added sugar and you can choose between fizz or no fizz.

These are the healthiest alternatives to flavored water. Do not buy those Crystal Light packets and things in the store. They will make you just as sick as the carbonation. Gatorade is also the same. Start looking at your labels!

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