Some essential oils do not have high frequencies at all because they have been “laced” or “cut” with alternatives and synthetics to make them cheaper. Do not waste your money on these because they will not bring the benefits that I teach on this site. You do not want any chemicals added to them. 

Not only because they will have a low frequency because of the chemicals but then can not use them internally either because of the chemicals added. If essential oils are made correctly you can take them internally.

Let me give you an example:

  • You use dried or fresh basil herb in cooking your spaghetti sauce. We have used herbs for centuries to season things they are natural and our bodies recognize them as nutrition. Nothing is wrong with that.
  • So why then would I not be able to use basil essential oil if it came straight from the basil plant that I was just using dried?
  • You can. Your body still recognizes it as nutrition, the only difference is that now instead of using 2 tsp of dried herb you only use 1 drop or less of the essential oil. This is because the oil is concentrated basil.
  • There are only a handful of oils you should not take internally. These are: Birch Bark, Eucalyptus (the globulus strain), Wintergreen (gaultheria fragrantissima)
  • You can take essential oils internally IF they are not laced. Just use only a drop or two.
If you would like to check the report and quality of your essential oil bottle and that batch it was made from:
  1. First look on the bottom of your oil bottle and find the top number
  2. Go to the Source to You that DoTerra provides so show you that there is not chemicals added to their oils
  3. Type in your number and it will bring up the report.
Sourcing and Organic

DoTerra does not advertise as organic because that is a term for this country. Organic is a term for our county for terming the quality. DoTerra sources their plants world wide. They go where the plant grows the best in the world.

For example: for Lavender- the soil, atmosphere, rainfall and temperature is different here in the US than in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the Lavender grows the best because of the environment it provides and thus the Lavender plants will have stronger medicinal properties.

If it is grown here in the US where the atmosphere is not conducive to growing the best version of Lavender the therapeutic properties will drop.

Bulgaria does not have the FDA terming quality or “organic” so thus it is not sold as such. DoTerra’s oils are past the quality of organic terms because they are sourced from the best possible place in the world. Not where it is the cheapest. They could get Lemon oil grown from Lemons grown here in the US but that would not produce the highest medicinal quality so they get it from Sicily.

Where the plant comes from matters

How to do I get the oils cheaper?

There are 2 ways to get the DoTerra products

1. You can pay retail and simply add them to your cart and check out! Go to DoTerra Essential Oils, add what you need to your chart, and check out- they ship it right to you. Just like Amazon or any other online store.
2. Get them at 25% off retail prices by getting a membership. This works like Costco, get a membership for $35 for a year and buy at discounted prices. You can then buy anytime at your wholesale price. I have 6 wholesale memberships- why pay retail right?

This way you have your own account- like your Amazon account- and you log in and buy what you need when you need it. NO waiting for anyone.

Wholesale Account Advantage

  1. No Monthly Requirement
  2. 25% Off Retail Prices
  3. No Selling Required
  4. Option to join loyalty rewards for an additional 10-30% off
How Do I Do It?
  1. Go to here to JOIN & SAVE
  2. Click continue for English
  3. Click continue for wholesale sale
  4. Fill out your information to create your account. The number in the spaces for Enroller ID & Sponsor ID should say: 25258 or SAMBEC LLC
  5. Click continue
  6. On the order page: select the INTRODUCTORY PACKET ($35) for your wholesale account and add any oils you are wanting.
  7. Then check out and your done!

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