We women love to get our nails done right? It makes you feel put together and that pop of color brings a smile to my face.

In that time in my life when I had all the tiny babies, it was hard to get any time in for myself let alone paint my nails. In that time with small babies I gave up on polish.

It takes forever to dry and in that amount of drying time they would always get bumped with kids and got all messed up with out fail.

The other options was to paint them at night but even if they felt dry in the morning they would have the sheet marks on them and all my time was wasted.

Yes I gave up on polish a long time ago. There are brands that are non toxic but I just do not go for paint anymore.

On top of the: having no time, taking care of all the kids and forever drying time, there are those toxins we are putting in our body from the polish. These toxins are affecting our hormones through making our endocrine system toxic and reproductive issues. We do not need anymore things messing that up for us.

If you want to read a great article on it check out: This is what happens to your body 10 hours after putting on nail polish.

After my kids grew up a bit and I had more time and I did get to paint my nails, and it felt amazing!

I felt alive and put together, there is something to be said about taking care of your self. Now days I do not keep anything on my nails all the time as they do need to breathe and will go brittle and have problems if you keep something on.

But when I do put something on for holidays, wedding etc. I go for a gel or insta dry so they can not be messed up! Seriously, it is a life changer.

If you want a non toxic solution:

This company has gel and powder options in so many colors with simple ingredients and no drying time which means no dings and no wasted time.

Kiarasky Gel Polish

Kiarasky Dip Powder


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