The reason to switch fried foods out of your diet is to help your body’s fat levels. There are two kinds of fat in the body and they need to keep each other in check. Remember this, however: you do need fat in your body in order for it to function properly!

Fat is not bad, let me tell you why

Your brain is made up of fat and needs it to function. You also need the good fats for energy, cell growth and regeneration—plus, good fats to absorb nutrients and produce hormones. So fats are good. Just make sure you know the difference and choose the better!

Bad fat vs. good fat

The “bad” fat is called LDL and the “good” fat is called HDL in your body. When you choose the LDL fat you are building the cholesterol and fat in your body as storage. If you simply build the HDL in your body it will fight cholesterol.

When you eat fried foods, those are always from the “bad fat” category—hence the reason to switch it out. Build those good fats and help your body function properly! Here’s one idea: get a steamer and lightly steam those veggies so that they retain their color but still have a crunch.

Good fat choices include: avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, young white coconuts, soaked raw nuts, flax seed oil and hemp seed oil, just to name a few. Check out the other post on good vs bad fat for more detail on the difference. 

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