For some I know, they just do not want to even think about cutting cow’s milk out of their diet. But let me just give you some information. This is doable! If you are used to drinking at least a glass of milk a day, and making this switch scares you, you can:

  1. Just start drinking less each day, whatever that is.
  2. Find a dairy where you can buy milk raw.
Let me explain why you might want to think about that cow’s milk

The milk you buy in the store has been heated and processed (which is necessary) to clean out pus and infection, bacteria and other things. But in the heating process, it kills both the good and the bad, the good being enzymes that naturally occur in the milk to assist your body in breaking it down.

Enzymes are important!

This enzyme, called lactase, has to then be withdrawn from your pancreas to break that milk down. And when your pancreas runs out of lactase, you become lactose intolerant. So, if you buy raw milk from a clean farm that takes care of the cows, and does not give them added hormones, then it is totally fine to drink raw milk.

Lactose intolerant

By either removing cow’s milk or buying it raw, you will not contribute in making your body lactose intolerant and having that problem the rest of your life. This is why people did not have the lactose intolerant issue 50 years ago—because they had fresh, raw milk from goats or cows that they owned.

The reason to start cutting out cow’s milk, and dairy products altogether, is it contributes to your body being toxic, raising your chances of developing cancer and other illnesses you do not want. “Milk is for babies,” Asia will tell you. So, as adults we really should not be drinking milk or eating dairy products.

What about getting calcium or protein from milk?

Research states that milk causes breast and prostate cancer in America. We have been taught to drink milk for calcium (at least those were the advertisements I heard growing up). Now we hear we are to drink milk for protein. Well news for you, you can get both of those in MUCH better ways.

Hormones and infertility

Milk also contributes to messed up hormones in both men and women because of the added hormones given to cows. When we drink that milk, those hormones then go into our bodies. In young girls, menstrual cycles are starting earlier in their life and contributing to infertility later in life. And for men, the added estrogen in their bodies causes more flab and less muscle, and men become softer and rounder like a woman. You don’t want that, right?

Solution? An easy switch is a non-dairy alternative

Califia brand is the best I have found, and does not add any of the additives like the other brands. I can also taste and see a huge difference. I get the unsweetened variety, and you can choose vanilla or plain. Start switching out any recipes that call for milk for one of these. (This is also a creamier milk, unlike rice milk.)

Tip: I promise you will get used it and it’s not bad at all! If it’s a recipe that is sweet, I use the coconut vanilla, or if I am making a gravy or sauce I use the plain almond. You can also mix them half and half to neutralize each flavor if you are concerned with that.

If you are used to skim milk, the rice milk is thinner for cereal and such. I personally like the creamier milks for cookies and cooking. You can go full out and make your own milk with a blender and a milk nut bag, this milk last 3-4 days in the refrigerator. I love unsweetened almond milk for making dinners that you do not want sweet. Oat milk and cashew are creamy and good for desserts. The other brand I like is Simply for almond milks, with way less additives.

It is up to you where you want to start. In my family we have never been used to drinking glasses of milk a day or eating a lot of cold cereal, so it was never a big shift for us. So find what is best for you and just start heading in the right direction.

For babies after 1 year, you can do bottles of oat milk or almond milk if they still want a bottle at night. Not doing the cow’s milk with infants will lessen eczema, allergies, skin conditions and they will have  less of a chance becoming lactose intolerant. You have the understanding now!

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Califia Milk

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