One thing you need to know first is that warts are from a virus in your blood, so that is why they can pop up anywhere on your body.

You need to kill it at the source in your blood stream by taking oregano oil or rosemary oil internally and cleaning it out of your blood stream.

How? You can put 5 drops of oregano oil in an empty capsule and take it internally everyday for 1-2 weeks.

This will help them stop popping up and kill it at the source- in the blood stream.

To get rid of ones already there on the surface of your skin:

They can seed and spread in that area and grow that way.

  • Option 1. Layering oregano oil and the blend OnGuard every day, twice a day, till they die- about 10 days
  • Option 2. You can use frankincense (milder for sensitive skin areas) everyday till they die. Twice a day is best like AM and then PM.
  • Option 3. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.  This is stronger than the regular peroxide you are used to for first aid so you do need to buy the food grade one to kill warts. you dip a Q-tip in the hydrogen peroxide

You put this on the wart twice a day and it can be gone in a week. It turns white right when you put it on but the wart dies and the root comes out.

CAUTION with any of these remedies, depending on where they are on the body- if the skin is more sensitive it can hurt for a bit but will go away. Remember you are killing something that doesn’t want to die, it will burn and sting.

Keep doing it till it is completely gone!!!

Or it will just grow right back. Depending on the size it might take 1 month or less. The time is going to depend on your consistency. With any of these remedies you are trying to just get it on the wart and not the surrounding skin.

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