You can switch out butter in steps if you prefer. If you are used to margarine, (which is the straight bad fat contributing to cholesterol) switch to regular butter. If you can switch out your regular butter for organic grass fed butter, there is a difference in the fat content and in the way your body processes it, and it is better for you. Check out the article for studies and numbers: Why grass fed, organic butter is good for you.

The Kerrygold brand is a great brand, which you can purchase at Costco at a great deal. The silver package is unsalted and the one to use to make your own Ghee. Which is so easy and takes no time at all while making your kitchen smell a m a z i n g. To make it in the instant pot check out this HOW TO. The gold package is salted and the one I regularly use. 

Cutting out milk products in general

Really, we should try and cut our dairy intake altogether. See the Cow’s Milk post for more information. There are some great butter alternatives out there if you want to try and cut dairy out. Try out the brand Earth Balance. I like the original or made with olive oil. I have tried both options and they taste great!  If you want to try and cut out all dairy, here is a recipe to get started for an alternative for Sour Cream.


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