All of your physical concerns will all trace back to the same common root problem- the gut. Your intestines are in charge of breaking down and absorbing the nutrition from your food. If it is sluggish and coated with plaque it cannot do its job and boy body misses out on what it needs to properly function, thus eventually always lacking you come down sick.

This tutorial goes over what is important for gut health and how to heal and nourish it.

The rule of thumb is that if you are eating three meals a day then you should also be having three, well formed, easy to pass bowel movements per day. If this is not you, then now might be a good time to do a cleanse.

Your small intestine is connected to any skin condition as well, so by healing you will clear up skin conditions from the inside and actually heal them.

The protocol you can download/print for you to look back on and follow in the video.

Large & Small Intestine Cleanse 

Where do I get the stuff for my cleanse?

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