Let me start with: I am no expert on juicing. I love juicing, and it make me feel alive. I am simply going to share what I have learned and what I do, but in no way is this all comprehensive. So please share with me any juicing recipes you have! Fresh cold pressed juice is simple and there is a difference between cold pressed and centrifugal juicing. In short, the main difference is…heat. The regular juicing you are probably used to has blades and creates heat and friction. Which as we know heat kills enzymes that are naturally in place to help break food down. The other issue is that it oxidizes the juice as well. If you would like more information on that, check out this article.

Now some might say juicing is even “bad” for you. Well here I tend to stay away from the words good and bad. Because those are judgement statements, what some of these people are saying is: juicing is not as healthy as you might think because there is no fiber, it has all been taken out. Now, they are correct, but I would not go as far and never drinking juice or saying it is bad for you.

Let’s talk about fiber…

Some solutions for you in the fiber problem is to make sure you are still eating fiber. I would not recommend to anyone to live off of juice, because ya there is no fiber. But doing a juice fast or cleanse is very beneficial. And drinking a fresh juice is certainly much better than a red bull or soda. So yes! drink the cold pressed juice. Some stay away from juice all together and decide smoothies are the way to go. I love smoothies as well, but again, there are issues with smoothies as well. And since we are on the subject, let us think about those:

In smoothies you do have the fiber, but you have the issue of bypassing the chewing process which is the first stage to digestion. There is this problem in juicing as well and that is another reason I would not try and “live” off of juice, nor would I with smoothies. With smoothies there is also the problem of using frozen fruit/veggies. If you use frozen fruit and veggies they have a frequency of zero. Meaning they are energetically dead. Use fresh as much as you can, you still get benefits of the food physically but not spiritually.

Drinking fresh cold pressed juice and smoothies are yummy! They are so good! Everything in a balance is the best. You can also supplement your fiber if you feel you are not getting enough in the rest of the food you eat through out the day.

Ok on to Juicers!

I started with a basic juicer from Wal Mart, if you can not get a cold pressed one, no worries! Juice and the frequency of it is still good for you. Save up and then buy yourself a nice one if you are going to keep up juicing and juice a lot. Buy a cheap one and test it out in your lifestyle first.

I eventually bought the Hurom brand of juicer. This is a cold pressed juicer, I can make nut milks, ice cream from frozen fruit, juice citrus and my main concern was cleaning. I am happy to say it is much easier to clean than most of the other juicers I have tried. Yay! I love it and it has worked great. I would say it juices quicker than the champion juicer, but I do have to cut carrots and apples smaller. If you would like a 2018 list of cold pressed juicers, here is a good article. This is also an excellent list of reviews and up to date options: Product Reviews.

Now for the good part- Cold pressed juice recipes!

One of the first things you should juice is celery. I know, boring. But if you want to heal and restore your health this one is the biggest bang for your time. Try and always buy your produce organic. Celery according to Medical Medium, heals you gut. And all of our physical and spiritual issues are rotted from here. Your gut is where you want to heal first and spiritually your intuition is connected to your gut as well.

  • Try and juice 16oz of celery juice and drink it straight, first thing in the morning. Try and do this for as long as possible and you will see huge differences.
Here is my basic recipe, from this recipe I add and take away for variations and needs

  • 10 Carrots
  • 4 Apples

Thats it! Those are the basics I keep on hand all the time. From this I add ginger, half a lemon, beets, oranges, or whatever else I have 🙂

  • Lemon cleanses the liver, very antioxidant and the best way to alkaline the body when taken internally. High in vitamin C, the vitamin of youthfulness.
  • Ginger is great for digestion high in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium.
  • Beets. Beets are great for the liver and detoxing and are anti inflammatory. High in vitamin A and C, and minerals of calcium and iron.
  • Oranges are high in Vitamin C, vitamin B1 and folate.

I also love green drinks and there is a great one to kill and cleanse viruses from your body, check out the BODY RESTORE- Virus & Bacteria Cleanse.

For nut milks see this video and recipes here- Almond milk and other alternatives.

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