Removing refined white sugar from your diet

This doesn’t mean you won’t get any desserts, I promise! Refined white sugar is the white sugar that many of you are used to buying from the grocery store. Cutting out refined sugar means cutting out many of the candy bars, candy, desserts, ice cream, gum that you are familiar with. But don’t worry, there are plenty of options that do not contain refined sugar, so all is not lost.

Refined sugar is not from a natural source and has been through several processes to refine it and make it what it is today.

Here is the problem with the refined white sugar:
  1. Because of the process in which it is refined, refined white sugar becomes a poison in the body. I recommend watching this great documentary Fed Up on Netflix to learn more about this. (The trailer is below.)
  2. Refined white sugar is the main source of food for the bacteria, fungus and viruses in our bodies. So refined white sugar is feeding the enemy of our body, making us sick. In fact, the refined sugar intake is what is causing diabetes, and the blood clots that cause heart attacks, to increase.
  3. The amount we eat is a huge problem. We think what we eat is normal because that is what we grew up with, that what our parents ate is normal because their parents fed them that way. But year after year, the amount of sugar we eat increases.
  4. It weakens the next generation. Our system and pancreas gets weaker and weaker with the amount we eat. We then pass on that weak genetic code to our posterity. With each generation getting a weaker genetic code, and then the “normal” amounts of white sugar increasing, we have kids now that have been given bodies that cannot handle the large amounts of sugar and they are becoming diabetic at young ages.

Refined white sugar is not a natural form of sugar

It has been bleached and refined, just like white flour. The more something is refined, taking it from its natural form, the worse it is for you. The farther anything is from its natural form, the lower the frequency and the more toxic it is.

As discussed earlier, what we think is a normal amount of sugar to eat is not normal, and our bodies are not made to handle it. Check out the chart to see how much we are consuming. On average it is about 130 pounds of sugar a year, according to the US National reports.

There are solutions

I did tell you that just because you cut out refined sugar does not mean you get no desserts. You can make cookies, cakes, ice cream, and anything you want by just making a switch to other sources of sweetener, such as raw honey, organic maple, raw agave, molasses, coconut sugar and stevia.

I recommend stevia. It is the only sweetener that does not feed candida or fungus in the body, and it is the most natural. You can get stevia in a powder or liquid drops.

The sweetener I choose depends on the recipe

You can find dessert and snack recipes on my Food Recipe page. Just think: switching out refined white sugar will change your health in so many ways, and keep you and your family from developing diabetes.

Enzymes are so important

When you eat refined white sugar, your body needs the enzyme lipase to digest it. When you body no longer has this enzyme, your pancreas shuts down and can no longer help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Help your body and switch out the refined sugars; it will help take the pressure and stress off of your pancreas. Take a proactive stance in your health so that you or your family do not develop diabetes or weaken your immune system. Help the next generation be stronger, not weaker!

For more information on sugar, see the Carbonation/Pop post.

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