Want to know what’s in the dry shampoo you love so much? I’ll tell you—lots of chemicals. Go grab your bottle and look up some of those ingredients. Don’t take my word for any of this; go look things up and do your research!

Here’s some ingredients you might find

Liquefied petroleum gas (also found in other beauty products such as hairspray, deodorant and nail polish remover) is an ingredient that is explosive and highly flammable, with no benefit to your hair. It simply adds in chemicals.

Another common ingredient is alcohol, which tends to dry out your hair. Mixed with other chemicals, the liquid ethanol helps to bind all of the ingredients together so they don’t separate when they are dispensed from the bottle.

Some experts warn that these dry shampoo ingredients can actually damage hair in the long-term, causing dandruff and blocked pores.

I do have a simple solution for you though. . . arrowroot powder! It’s awesome. You will use it for so many things. Check out the DIY Recipes page or the post Easy Dry Shampoo to make your own. This one is an easy one to switch out, I promise.

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