Okay first of all, the sun is NOT bad for you, so let’s get that out there. The easiest way to get vitamin D is by the sun through your skin, going outside for 10 to 15 minutes a day. So don’t be afraid! Check out this article: The suns medicine and healing cancer.

Of course, you do not want those littles ones to burn because that is never fun (and if you do there is an easy protocol for that). Nor do you want your skin to hate the sun- have you ever heard of or got sun poisoning? Oh… it itches like ****. That being said, there is a goodness to the sun. We want our skin to handle it well. Keeping the toxins flowing out of the body is key for the cells to stay healthy. I would also use the soap Miracle 2 several times a week on the whole family, it is gentle for babies and kids. TIP: get a pump for the top.

Make a Switch: Sunscreen have you ever looked up the ingredients in your sunscreen?

It is terrible. Putting those chemicals all over the kids and making their bodies toxic will not help them later in life when the toxicity comes back to bite them in health issues. (Check out this article on Sunscreen and Cancer.) Your skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything, putting all of those chemicals right into your blood stream. There are easy things to switch and be more conscious of what we put on our skin.

You do not have to use sunscreen with all those chemicals! You can make your own out of natural Shea butter and natural sun blocking ingredients. It really is easy to make! Check out the DIY Recipes or this Natural Non-Toxic Sunscreen post here to make your own.

If you do not want to make your own, I like the brand Sun Bum.

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