Uric Acid is a natural byproduct of our natural chemical processes when we break down food or build up body tissues. It is when the uric acid stores in the body and is not cleaned out of our blood stream when you start to have a problem.

The accumulation of uric acid crystals comes in two ways:
  1. Either our body produces too much of it
  2. More commonly our kidneys do not eliminate enough uric acid.

It is a kidney issue and if too much is stored in the joints it causes inflammation known as acute gouty arthritis. There are many conditions that can cause an increased uric acid level. They would include: obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, dehydration, and excessive red meat.

Keeping a diet low in liver, sweetbreads, beef tongue, red meats, peas, beans, lentils, shellfish and keep hydrated will help. Kidney health is key and they can not function with out water. Make sure you know how much water you need to drink for your body weight, see the post Daily Water Intake and Maintenance.

  • Take enzymes with cooked meals and in between meals to break the crystal down.
  • Do kidney cleanse and liver cleanse to flush them out after enzymes have broken them down.
  • Eat raw foods as much as possible.
  • And doing a kidney cleanse and nourishing the kidneys is how to heal the problem at the root of the cause.
  • See the Kidney Cleanse post for a printable protocol and video tutorial.
Uric Acid Crystal in the blood stream
Uric Acid Crystal up close in the blood

For some recipe ideas and how to remove gout and uric acid crystals from the body you can also see How To Remove Joint Pain From Your Life.

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