The purpose of enzymes will change your life. Really. Enzymes changed mine right after I learned about them. I knew nothing of enzymes 8 years ago until someone made the suggestion I take them to dissolve scar tissue. They wanted to do a reconstructive surgery to remove my scar tissue, but I did not want to have to do that. So I decided to try this route and it worked! Two months of taking them faithfully dissolved all of the scar tissue and I had no more problems. I did not have to do surgery and put myself through more pain and healing. From then on we have been friends.

So lets give you more information of what you need to know about the purpose of enzymes!

Enzymes are present in everything. Each of your foods have a certain enzyme that breaks that food down. Any good nutritionist would tell you, that the only thing you would need to take on a daily basis is enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes main purpose is to break down the food we eat so our body can then utilize and absorb the nutrients.

This way the nutrients can be put where they need to be. Enzymes are for your digestion. Everything you eat must be broken down in order for your body to use it. If your food is not broken down, it is not absorbed and you are wasting your effort.

“It is not about what you ingest, but what you digest that matters”

They truly are a huge part to a healthy lifestyle and healthy body. Enzymes are what can help you get back to where you want to be. You too need to become friends with enzymes and know how to use them properly. Enzymes are the main thing to break down cholesterol, diabetes, protein build up, and scar tissue. Here is an example:

Enzyme deposit in your ATM Bank

When you are made in your mothers womb, her body gave you as much as she had to give. Our pancreas is our bank that holds the enzymes needed to break down food. When you do eat food that has been cooked above 118 degrees, your body has to make a “withdrawal” from your bank to break and digest that food down. When your bank goes empty of an enzyme you will then have problems digesting that food.

For example: The cow’s milk you drink by the glass or have in your cereal every morning. The milk has been pasteurized and heated to kill pus and infection, bacteria and so forth. But that also means it has been heated and the enzymes are no longer intact to break down that milk. Your body has to make a withdrawal every time you drink milk. When you pancreas goes to a zero balance of that enzyme it can no longer break it down and you will go Lactose Intolerant.

You may not think this is a big deal or that you will never develop this problem. But really it is not about you. It is about the next generation. Remember that the parents have only what they have to pass on to their children.

Some things to think about

If you drink milk your whole life your bank has less to give to the next generation and so on for the next after them. So EVENTUALLY your line will develop this as your DNA gets weaker and you pass that on.

Now I have only given you the example of milk and lactose intolerant. But this same process happens for diabetes, gluten intolerance, and may more things. Each time you eat sugar you have to make that withdrawal and your account goes less and less. See the post Refined White Sugar for more information on sugar and how much we eat each year. YOU may not develop this, but your kids are at a higher risk and your grandkids even higher. That is why a lot of kids today are developing diabetes at the age of 2.

This graph will show you which enzyme you need for each kind of food.

Tips on how to use Enzymes
  1. If you are lactose intolerant you can supplement and give your body the enzymes it needs to break down the dairy. If you take 2 enzymes before you eat ice cream or any dairy you are supplying your body what it needs since it can not make that with drawl. Then you will not have the symptoms you are used to when eating dairy.
  2. If you are eating raw that means your food is not cook and the enzymes are intact. So there is no need to take an enzyme with that food.
  3. If you are wanting to break down anything “extra” in the blood i.e. protein, scar tissue, fats, or sugars you need to take the enzyme WITH OUT food. Take them in between your meals, because their purpose is to break down things if you take with your food that is what they will do and they will be used up with the food. So anything extra you need to take when you do not have any food in your stomach. With my scar tissue I took three or four a day to break down the tissue for two months. It is easier to take first thing in the morning, 30 minutes after breakfast, 30 minutes after lunch and right before bed.
  4. If you are taking it for lactose intolerant you will need to double or triple because of your weakened system. So take 2 pills and if you still have the side effects then take 3 next time. You are going to have to experiment with your system and see what it needs. Do not just give up if it does not work the first time. Everyone has a different system and thus different  needs. I have experimented with people and it does work.
Your choices effect a lot more than just you.

Each choice effects our health and the health of the generations after us. Knowing the importance of enzymes not only will determine your health but the lives that will come after you.

The enzyme supplements below I have researched and use. They contain all the main enzymes for your food pyramid on one capsule. Whatever you pile on your plate, taking one pill will cover it and give your body what it needs to break that food down. This way you do not have to make that with drawl from the pancreas. You are supposed to take an enzyme 20 minutes before eating, but if you forget just take it anyway.


  • TerraZyme– You can get these for $20 a bottle by adding it on to the daily nutrient pack. This is a vitamin, mineral and Omega supplement. Use this for cooked food and double up for lactose intolerant.
  • Complete Digestive Enzyme– This one has a daily dose of probiotics added to it as well in each capsule, use this when eating cooked food.
  • For breaking down cholesterol use this Fat/Sugar enzyme.
  • To break down scar tissue, extra protein in the blood, uric acid crystals use Inflammation enzyme.
  • For diabetes use the straight Sugar/Starch enzyme.

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