Yay! Honey is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

  • Did you know it can help you sleep better and support insomnia?
  • Heal and disinfect wounds?
  • Help get rid of and support season allergies?
  • Hair Masks
  • Honey will store for years! I mean years- like over 30. It will darken but it is still good, it is a preservative.
  • Help acne, probiotic support, eczema, inflammation and so many more! Check out these Top 20 Uses.
What you need to know so you do not waste your money

The honey you buy in the grocery store that stays runny in your cupboard is made mostly of corn syrup. And if you do not understand why that is bad, see this Make a Switch post for maple syrup, which also is made up of corn syrup.

That is not something you want to be putting in your body at all.

What you want and are looking for is a local (to help any allergies) raw, unfiltered honey. If you can find local or you find a better price elsewhere that is ok. Now be careful because some companies will claim “pure” or raw, organic- whatever- but if that honey does not harden a couple months after buying it then you have been duped and it is cut with other cheaper things.

Here is a great video on why you want to look for Raw Honey

Raw honey, unfiltered and when it is fresh, will be runny, but after a couple of months it will crystalize.  I have some pictures to show you. It hardens and is difficult to even scoop out. This is why stores use water or cut it with other things, so it makes it easier to use but they do it a cheap way and cut it with corn syrup and other things that are not good for us.

I will share with you my solution to this problem

If I am using honey to bake, such as cookies, cakes, granola I warm up the honey that is hard on the stove to make it runny and able to mix. But I also keep a jar in my cupboard-that stays runny- for small things like adding honey to toast, hot cereals, steel cut oats and things we need it runny for like you are used to. For my teas and hot lemon water, I just add a scoop of the crystalized honey into the hot water and it melts fine.

If you want a honey jar that stays runny:

All I do is fill my jar with the honey and put the jar in a pot filled with water and turn it to LOW. Then I let it sit and melt and add more honey as needed till it is full. Stir every once in a while so that it heats evenly. When it is all melted I add 1 tsp water and stir it up.

This will keep it runny in the cupboard so it does not harden again. Easy! Now you have both options to cover everything with out the cheap filler stuff that makes you sick.

If you would like to know different ways to test your honey and see if it is actually raw, here is a great article: 6 tricks to tell if your honey is fake.

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