I have been wanting to go to a salt cave for a while and I finally made it! This is what I experienced in the Himalayan Salt Cave and why it is good for you- body and soul 🙂 I went to the first one built in Utah, down in American Fork. There is also one up further North in Ogden. On this particular night there was a class going on with singing bowls! Those have a lot of good things about them all by themselves, so on this night I got to double up on my healing.

Not only do you get the physical benefits of the salt, which was discovered centuries ago over in Europe. They have thousands of salt caves for regular healing over there. The healing properties of Himalayan Salt was discovered when miners were not getting the illnesses and plagues that were going around. They started bringing the people into the caves and found they got better or did not get sick either. Now we know that Himalayan Salt is amazing for healing mainly the sinus and respiratory issues, such as: asthma, allergies, sinusitis, and bronchitis.

You know how salt water can help a sore throat? And using a Neti Pot helps the sinuses? Going to a salt cave and breathing in the salt is doing the same thing. Except now, it is also acting like a humidifier for your lungs as well. You treat your sinuses and lungs at the same time. Others also utilize the salt caves to boost energy, improve sleep, heal certain skin and hair ailments as well!

What you will experience

First you remove your shoes outside the cave. You then walk into the salt cave with bare feet and feel the salt under your feet. You are given a blanket to take, but the room is an even 75 degrees. Then you can choose to lay in the salt on the ground (which I recommend) or lay in the suspended reclined chairs. You can then spend as long as you need doing some deep breathing. Remember to breathe and take turns doing deep breathing through your nose- for sinuses, and then your lungs- for respiratory.

The door is then shut and the salt air is then pumped into the room, and you can lay there putting your feet in the salt. I could lick my lips and taste the salt in the air and when you swallow you can taste it as well. It was not very strong, but you do know there is salt in the air that you are breathing.

Not only is this a great physical healing, but huge for mental as well. It is a great meditation space and very relaxing. You can take a nap and fall asleep or be in active meditation. It is very quiet and tranquil, and a very peaceful space. Not to mention beautiful. All of the walls are created with salt bricks and lit with lights. There is a beautiful mandala in the center and the floor is covered in a thick layer of Himalayan Pink Salt. It is a very healing experience mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Singing Bowls

On this night there was an hour long session of singing bowls being played by artists Rebekah and Jason from Xistential Love. If you do not know what singing bowls are, there is a post HERE. I also included a minute video of what it sounds like. Hearing the bowls play at the same time was a very relaxing experience. Singing bowls heal on a spiritual level, and help you meditate. They are made of different materials and made in different frequencies or musical notes.

How fun is that? If you would like to try the healing properties of a Himalayan Salt cave, the center is called The Centered Stone. They have everything you need and have a beautiful center. If you would like the bowl classes, watch their schedule on their website to see when the classes are. Or contact Rebekah and Jason directly by email if you do not want to wait: xistentialove@gmail.com. Happy healing and raising your vibration!

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