For the last several weeks I have been playing around and testing my overall frequency. I have also been testing frequency of a lot of friends and family. I have been testing to see where our frequency is at and what will raise it. This has been a lot of fun I must say. This post is to share with you what I have learned, and give you a way to test your frequency for yourself.

First, there are a lot of ways to test frequencies:

You can test by doing muscle testing or there are machines that you can get, or you can use a pendulum. I have been using the pendulum and have made this chart to specifically use in testing the frequencies of people and supplements. This is a small pocket version you can print out:

Pocket Size Testing Chart

You can also use this chart for testing the frequency of oils, supplements, stones and then people! It has been a lot of fun. I know I do not know everything and I am sure there is a lot more, but here is the run down for people:

The results in testing frequency and what raised it
  • First I clear myself and ask permission of the person.
  • Then I set my intention. My intention is to know the overall frequency of the person.
  • You then set the pendulum on the center dot and ask: “What is (persons name) current overall frequency?

The pendulum will simply swing up and down on the line with the given number of frequency that they are at. Most people I tested were around the 400-500 range. I have heard that on this scale most people are around 200-300, so do not be alarmed if it is in that range.

This scale of measurement is made up by intention only and does not have to do with MHz or a scientific measurement. This is simply: 0 being “dead” and 1000 being “god like, and full of light”. The higher your frequency the better health, law of attraction and so on, for more information on why you want to have a high frequency, I suggest the post: The Bodies Overall Frequency.

So moving on! How to raise the frequency and test it

After I tested and got their overall frequency, we played around with things that would “Raise their Vibe”. There are a lot of things that can raise your frequency very quickly. To see a chart on what things have high frequencies and what has low, check out this chart: How to raise or lower your frequency.

  1. First we would “clear” the person. If we carry any “darkness” in us, that being: negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and vibrations, which store in your body. Those naturally would lower our frequency so it would raise our vibration to clear those things. For more information on this check out the post: Body and Stored Emotions.
  2. Then I would test their frequency again and it would jump up 50-100 from just clearing.
  3. Second, we would let them pick an essential oil of their choice. Since oils are close to liquid sunlight they carry very high frequencies and some of the highest frequencies found in this realm.
  4. Now, this is the cool part. Lets say this person started at 500, and with clearing are now at 550. With putting a single drop of oil anywhere on their body, their frequency would jump up 100-200! Now this person is at 750.
  5. Third thing we would do is write a positive word on them with a liquid eyeliner pen (yes these stay very well and write very pretty 🙂 Writing a word on their arm, heart, ankle or anywhere it would then jump their frequency up another 50-100!

From this testing people’s frequency would raise up 300 or more from doing these three things. You could also use a sacred geometry symbol or say some positive mantras, do yoga or meditate and I know all of these things would raise your frequency.

This was all very cool in finding ways to raise our frequency, but I want to know how to keep it there

You will not feel the immediate difference when you raise your frequency, some feel it energetically, but the results you want will come if you can HOLD it there. You want to LIVE in that frequency and make it a norm for you and your life. Then you will see major changes. Some will hold their higher frequency better than others. This is because everyone’s life is different, so this will be different for each person. If you get angry, offended or any negative emotion it will lower your frequency back down. The food you eat and words you speak, music you listen to… will all take their effect.  The frequency of everything you bring in your life, whether it is high or low will affect your vibration and either raise or lower it.

With some testing we did you can hold it for several days. The one drop of oil lasted several hours, and reapplying a drop kept the frequency high. Doing yoga and meditation would also help maintain it. It is fun experimenting and playing around with it. Go and have as much fun as I did! Here is a chart you can print out that is 8 1/2 x 11, this makes it easier as you have more surface.

Large Testing Chart
Large Testing Chart

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