In the post 2 Economies That Function On This Earth, it explains the things we do that gives darkness power vs giving the light power in our lives. It might be best to read that post before you read this one, since this post builds upon that one. Here is the short run down:

There are five things you can do, and five things you should NOT do. There are five things which if you violate, that put your life under the economy of darkness. If you live in harmony with the opposite five things, then your life is governed by the economy of light. This principal coincides with three different examples in scripture, which this post goes over.

The numbers 5 and 10 also have significant meaning and can help give understanding to this as well. The two opposites of light and dark have always existed. Since the beginning we have been given a choice to choose between the two. Would you want to know what you could do to help your life go smooth vs the choices that bring complications and road blocks? I sure would. I share these things because they have changed my life in a huge way.

If your life is always complicated and filled with road blocks you do not really recognize that is how it is. When you start living another way and your life becomes easier and smooth, you will never want to go back. Living in harmony with the economy of light allows this change to come into your life.

The first example of these two different economies is the 10 commandments given to Moses in Exodus 20

In the 10 commandments we are given five things we should do, and five things we should not do. The 10 commandments line up in a chiasm. A basic definition of a chiasm is a repetition of similar ideas in the reverse sequence. It is a pattern teaching something going forwards and backwards. Here is how the 10 commandments lay out in a chiasm with the principals of light and dark. Each principal that goes with the different economies is explained after each commandment.

Each section has the same underlying “theme” repeated in the chiasm: Order, Deception, Self, Covenants, Agency
Explanation of the blessing that is smashed right in the middle

In the center of the chiasm between commandments five and six, there is a blessing given. When you function within the Economy of Light, there is a blessing: “That thy days may be long upon the land.” This is the only commandment given that is attached to a blessing, and it is interesting that it fits right in the middle.

What could this mean? Might this mean a change in your DNA? Could your life lengthen as in the days before Noah? Sanctification, translation, and/or transfiguration? A promised land given? There could be many different meanings to this blessing, it is something to consider. The purpose of this post is not to expound on this but simply put it out there.

The second example is in Matthew 25 and the story of the 10 virgins

In the story of the 10 virgins, there are 5 that are wise and 5 that are foolish. The 5 wise took the “Holy Spirit to be their guide and were not deceived” (D&C 45:57). When they awoke the foolish asked the wise to share their oil, and the wise told the 5 foolish “no we won’t have enough for us, go and get from those that sell.”

The 5 that are wise were functioning under the economy of light and were not deceived. They are prepared with what they needed and their life went smoothly. The 5 foolish are under the economy of darkness. They do not have enough oil and have to go back to their seller who is the supplier of their economy. Their life does not go as planned, things do not work out and they end up missing the wedding.

The third example is in Moses 5: 22-23

And the Lord said unto Cain: Why art thou wroth? Why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, thou shalt be accepted. And if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door, and Satan desireth to have thee; and except thou shalt hearken unto my commandments, I will deliver thee up, and it shall be unto thee according to his desire. And thou shalt rule over him; (compare to Genesis 4)

Cain is wroth and his countenance has fallen because his offering was not “respected”. He is then given a choice: God tells him he can still be accepted “If he doest well” and harken unto Gods commandments. Or he can choose the opposite and Satan can have power over his life, to do with him as he desires.

There are always two choices of which power we want to govern our life, based on our choices. Those are the three examples. Here is some information on the number 10 that can add more understanding:

The meaning and energy behind the number 10

Ten is viewed as a complete and perfect number. Wholeness, creator and creation, divine perfection. 5+5 makes up the number 10 which represents two opposite sides of conscience- involution and evolution. 5 is the number of covenant, so 2 sides of a covenant. It is both masculine and feminine, or Father/Mother principles.

This number responds to whatever karmic reaction a person experiences in life. It may be good or evil- depending upon whether a person uses their power wisely in accordance with the dictates of the spirit, or yields to personal natural man tendencies. 10 is the number from which all things start, and all must return. The number 10 symbolizes the completion of a cycle, it is symbolized by the triangle and is formed of the pillar and the circle.

Other things of ten:
  • Noah ordained at 10
  • 10 plagues of Egypt
  • Mormon being 10 years of age receiving his purpose/mission
  • The lost 10 tribes: Reuben, Simeon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Manasseh and Ephraim
  • 10 generations from Adam to Noah. Then earth changed, age changed, and 10 generations since Noah

The principals of light and darkness have always existed. These are not my ideas and I do not take credit for them. God brought them to my awareness how these principals work in our lives. He is the giver of every good thing and I am simply putting them here.

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